Minneapolis and St. Paul Declare March 10 “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day”

Demonstrators protest new restrictions on abortion passed by legislatures in eight states including Alabama and Georgia, in New York, U.S., May 21, 2019. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have each officially declared March 10 to be “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” in memory of David Gunn,

According to The St. Paul city council resolution, the proclamation follows the observance of “National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,” which first began in 1996 in memory of David Gunn, an abortion provider who was shot and killed on March 10, 1993, as well as “to combat the stigma that many abortion providers and clinic staff face, and to celebrate the courage, compassion, and high-quality care they provide.”

The resolution also laments that the Supreme Court “now contains a majority of Justices who may not interpret the Constitution to provide protection for the right to end a pregnancy and may overturn or severely limit Roe v. Wade” and claimed that “abortion providers must be accessible in order for people to make real decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures.”

“Every day, abortion providers like Whole Woman’s Health deliver high quality care in the face of harassment and threats to abortion access at the federal and local levels,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced earlier this week, flanked by members of Whole Woman’s Health and Gender Justice, a local feminist organization. “I’m proud to recognize today as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day to celebrate Whole Woman’s Health as an essential part of our community.”

Minnesota State Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R) denounced the “bizarre” proclamation on Twitter.

“I believe we should protect human life from conception to natural death,” Gazelka wrote. “But why would the St.Paul city council choose to ‘celebrate’ abortion? Some may think it’s a necessary evil, but to celebrate abortion is bizarre.”

GOP State Sen. Mark Johnson said in a prepared statement that he was “saddened” and “disturbed” by the decision.

“Movements like this are indicative of the moral decline occurring in Minnesota and across our country,” Johnson declared. “As a father of three, I understand the sanctity of life and the joy that children bring to this world. Instead of celebrating abortion providers and their destructive habits, let’s take a moment to celebrate life and our local organizations who are on the front lines protecting women’s and children’s health.”

Catholic Archbishop Bernard Hebda expressed that he was “profoundly saddened and confounded” by the news, according to the Catholic News Agency.

“Given that each human life is created in the image and likeness of God and has value, to honor those who purposefully end such life is an affront not only to our Creator but to the foundational values of civil society,” Hebda declared. “There is no way around it – abortion kills children.”

“We may not always agree with our elected officials, but we have no choice but to operate on the premise that for civic life to function, we must engage in respectful dialogue and conversation about what is good, rather than just sitting content with being reactive and outraged. We can light a candle or curse the darkness,” he continued.

“What gives me hope,” Hebda went on, “are the countless women and men of goodwill who tirelessly give of themselves to accompany women in crisis pregnancies, love and assist moms and babies and work to create a culture of life in our communities and in our world. It is those people we should be honoring.”

Saints, people will try to tell you that no one “celebrates” an abortion. This is a complete and utter lie.

From the “Shout Your Abortion” movement to this new, disgusting “holiday,” pro-aborts have clearly demonstrated that they enjoy and do, in fact, celebrate stacking preborn bodies.

Their consciences are seared. They celebrate the taking of innocent life, and they will continue to do so until we quit playing pro-life politics and put an end to abortion once and for all!

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