Minnesota Releases Transgender Toolkit Forcing Unscientific Gender Insanity On Parents And Students

Minnesota’s Department of Education has released a document aimed at normalizing gender dysphoria among children.


The “Toolkit for Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” is a full-on assault against the biological fact that there are only two genders.

As Breitbart puts it, the document “creates an entirely different structures for school relationships that caters to a very small number of troubled gender dysphoric children as it dismisses the needs of the majority of children who accept their biological sex.”

“Families of transgender and gender nonconforming students play a critical role in their child’s well-being and success at school,” the guide reads, pushing the dogmatic and problematic belief that children wanting to transition to the opposite gender is something perfectly normal that should not be questioned, thus automatically placing skeptical parents on the defensive.

The guide further informs school officials they have a duty to ensure that transgender students do not feel stigmatized – even at the expense of ostracizing other students.

“Schools should work with transgender and gender nonconforming students to ensure that they are able to access needed facilities in a manner that is safe, consistent with their gender identity and does not stigmatize them,” the guide reads.

“Privacy objections raised by a student in interacting with a transgender or gender nonconforming student may be addressed by segregating the student raising the objection provided that the action of the school officials does not result in stigmatizing the transgender and gender nonconforming student.”

Yup, you read that right. Kids who raise objections to sharing a washroom with a child of the opposite gender should be punished.

“If students are to be separated based on gender when travelling for athletic, educational or cultural activities, school officials should allow a transgender or gender nonconforming student the opportunity to room with peers who match the student’s gender identity unless the transgender or gender nonconforming student requests otherwise,” the document further declares in reference to hotel trip bookings.

As if all that wasn’t insane enough, the guide also tells teachers that use of the incorrect pronouns to describe a child could be punishable by law.

“Casual use of a student’s incorrect pronoun or incorrect name may violate [the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act],” the guide declares.

Further, the document instructs school officials to revise all policies that may offend gender dysphoric students.

“[S]chools may wish to consider revisiting existing traditions or establishing new traditions. For example, instead of electing a homecoming king and homecoming queen, some schools have chosen to nominate ‘prom ambassadors,’ ‘homecoming court’ or ‘homecoming royalty.'”

As The Star-Tribune reports, this guide has prompted significant outrage among sensible people.

“Concerns of gender-conforming students and parents are ignored and dismissed,” the outlet quotes Minnesota Family Council CEO John Helmberger as stating.

One parent, Joy Orbis, is quoted as stating, “sadly, this toolkit undermines my authority as parent.”

“The toolkit encourages teachers to teach false conceptions of gender,” another community member, Barb Anderson, is quoted as stating.

In Minnesota’s political realm, Rep. Tim Miller (R-Prinsburg) is quoted as stating, “I do not see sensitivities to a 13-year-old Christian girl or a kindergarten boy who cannot possibly have a sexual orientation.”

On the flip side, however, The Star-Tribune quotes OutFront Minnesota school equity director Esme Rodriguez as stating, “we are really really thankful that the Minnesota Department of Education decided to pass this.”

The outlet also reports that the motion to pass the document “was met with cheers from advocates for transgender students.”

Sadly, this is the world we live in.

Mental illnesses like gender dysphoria are now being met with rewards and praise as opposed to concern.

Children who accept the gender they were born with are now being treated as the ‘other’ and forced to accept behavior that simply isn’t normal.

Please say a prayer, first of all, for children who find themselves confused by all the gender insanity liberals have swirling around their heads.

Secondly, please pray for parents and school officials, that they might see gender dysphoria as a legitimate mental illness that needs treatment and care as opposed to praise and encouragement.

The Star-Tribune
Toolkit for Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students