Misogyny in Scripture? Shannon Bream Debunks Myths That the Bible Is “Anti-Woman”


The Word of God has been under attack since the deceiving serpent in the garden of Eden, not the least of which has been the oft-repeated claim that the Bible is a misogynistic, anti-woman text written by men, for men.

As much as the enemy would like to deceive us into believing God does not care for women and their existence is merely tangential in His plan, truth is that God created women for His glory, and His Word provides us with plenty of examples of heroines of the faith.

Shannon Bream is out to set the record straight on this long-debated issue in her new book, The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today.

“I feel like the Lord brought me this opportunity and I’m so grateful,” the Fox News @ Night host said in an interview on Edifi With Billy Hallowell.

As she explored the biblical accounts of several notable women in history, Bream told Halloweell how she began to see that the struggles of women in biblical times mirror the female experience today.

“When I really started to dig into them … I found such solace and encouragement in these women’s stories,” Bream said. “Their problems really aren’t that different from what we’re facing.”

“I love the story of Queen Esther … she was an orphan. She was raised without parents,” Bream went on. “The Jewish people are about to be annihilated. I forgot how many twists and turns there were getting to the end of her story.”

Not only does Bream pull from several Old Testament stories of bold and faithful women of God, she hopes to convince those who believe the Bible is a misogynistic document with proof from Jesus’ own treatment of women in the New Testament.

“We see in the New Testament that women were part of His inner circle … they were valued in His sight,” she explained. “And He went to people, men and women … who were outcasts.”

“He esteemed women and respected them, and I think that’s all through the Old and the New Testaments about how God favors these women and uses them,” she said on the podcast. “You can see how God weaves together these stories for good.”

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