Mom Demands Autopsy Into Health 18-Year-Old Son’s Sudden Death


A bereaved Italian mother is demanding an investigation into the sudden death of her son, a healthy 18-year-old who worked as a lifeguard.

The teenager, Lorenzo Squillance of San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy, died after being rushed to the hospital by his mother, Paola.

Paola was shocked to discover that, when she returned from finding a parking place after dropping him off, he had been “already intubated and dying.”

Lorenzo’s heart stopped before doctors could arrange to have him transported to facility that was better equipped to treat his dire condition.

The Western Journal reported that the local public prosecutor’s office has ordered an investigation into his death.

Lorenzo was reportedly a healthy young man with no known health conditions.

He was honored in a Facebook post by the Riviera delle Palme National Lifesaving Society for his exemplary performance as a lifeguard.

“Hi Lorenzo, It was great having a lifeguard like you on our team. Your politeness, kindness, availability and the great commitment shown in your work will always remain a beautiful memory and an example for all. Watch over your family from heaven, you’ll be a great lifeguard even from up there,” a translated post from the group read.

The Journal notes that in July, a 13-year-old Italian girl also died suddenly; it was later reported that she had recently been diagnosed with myocarditis.

Just days after Lorenzo’s death, a 13-year-old Russian girl drowned after experiencing cardiac arrest while swimming.

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