Mom Finds Son She Gave Up for Adoption Over Three Decades Ago Through DNA Test


While many women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and without support from their partners or family choose to give the child up for adoption rather than end its young life in the womb, this brave decision nonetheless often leaves a woman feeling like a part of her is missing.

The connection between a mother and her child is divine and as many mothers who have chosen adoption rather than abortion will tell you, lasts a lifetime.

Such was the case with 53-year-old Melanie Pressley, who wanted her baby to grow up in a stable, loving home after giving birth at 19.

When she discovered she was pregnant in 1987, the baby’s father left her after she refused to agree to an abortion, and her parents were left stunned.

“It didn’t take long to realize that I was going to give my baby up for adoption,” she recently told The Epoch Times. “I knew I couldn’t financially support a child, and I wanted him to have a mom and dad. I wanted him to have a family.”

After giving birth in 1988, Melanie was allowed some cherished private time with her precious baby boy before signing adoption papers.

“For 33 years, I mourned,” she said. “I knew I was not the same person anymore; I had a hole in my heart and it could never be mended.”

Her son was adopted by a loving couple, Rich and Patrice Vossler, who pledged to Melanie they would do the best they could to raise the little boy.

Melanie went on to have three of her own children, who, as they grew up, began to understand just how much pain their mother lived with as she continued to mourn her separation from her firstborn.

So, for Mother’s Day this year, they purchased a DNA kit to try to help their mother find their half-sibling.

Meanwhile, 33-year-old Greg, now a father himself after a childhood in which the Vosslers certainly lived out their promise to his birth mother, was also beginning to understand the significance of his separation from the woman who brought him into the world.

“Becoming a father, I realized I needed to look into this,” he told ET. “Funnily enough, the 23andMe DNA test was a gift from my mom.”

“I am very, very lucky to have supportive parents and a supportive family on each side urging me to explore this.”

When Melanie received her own test results, she found her name had been linked to one Greg Vossler. She reached out to him, asking his age to verify that he was who she thought he was.

Once the two established that they were indeed mother and son, Melanie asked the question that had been burning in her mind for the last three decades: “Are you happy?”

As she would discover, he was indeed very happy, but all the more so for reconnecting with his mother.

The pair and their families met and instantly hit it off. They are now working to rebuild their relationship and talk almost daily. Greg’s wife and children, Melanie’s other children and their families, and the Vosslers are all now part of one big, happy, extended family and have met several times. Greg and his wife even attended Melanie’s daughters’ wedding earlier this year.

What a blessing!

“I was so afraid of finding him and what he would think of me that I kept myself from trying,” Melanie said. “Little did I know, I had a son that was raised extremely well with a lot of love to give.”

“I would also advise any young mother out there who chooses to place their child up for adoption: after giving them up, write a letter,” she added. “Write it with all honesty and all your feelings, then tuck it away … if the day ever comes, and you reconnect with your child, give them the letter.”

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