Mom Who Exposed Pedophilia in Son’s School Library Book Now Reportedly Banned From School Library


A mother who went viral after reading aloud from a book that was found in her son’s school library that contained references to sex acts between an adult man and a child has now been banned from the school library.

The school is citing a policy that applies to all parents, but evidence they have provided of this policy does not seem to indicate that this is the case.

In September, Stacy Langton spoke at a Fairfax County, Virginia school board meeting and read aloud from the graphic book that she had found in her son’s school library, which included a dialogue in which a young man explains, and defends, having had a sexual encounter with an adult when he was just a child.

Ironically, Langton’s reading from the book was cut off by school board members who cited it as being inappropriate to children in attendance.

Earlier this week, The Washington Examiner reported that Langton was told she was not allowed in the school library after she visited with her son to check out some books for him.

After leaving the school, Langton received a call from acting Principal Maureen Keck, who informed her that no parents were allowed in the school library.

The mother responded by asking to see the policy in question; but when Keck sent it to her, there was no mention of parents being banned from going into the school library. The Examiner also reviewed the policy and drew the same conclusion.

“The policy makes no mention of restricting visitor access to parts of campus anywhere, provided all visitors sign in at the front entrance and obtain a visitor pass,” the newspaper notes.

Langton explained that when she visited campus, she had signed in, but that the machine that provides visitor passes had been out of order for weeks.

Fairfax County Schools would not provide the Examiner with a comment.

Langton, however, has plans to attend the next school board meeting, as she feels she has “no accountability” from the district over the graphic material that she exposed in September.

The book has since been pulled from schools and is under review by the district.

The Langton family, meanwhile, has faced death threats over her decision to draw attention to the inappropriate material to the school board.

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