Moore Attorney Drops BOMBSHELL About Beverly Young Nelson As Her Story Unravels


Judge Roy Moore is not going down without a fight.

Despite the fact that the leftist media has dominated the news cycle with the stories of his accusers and most of the right has slowly turned their backs on him, he continues to vehemently deny the terrible allegations made against him within the last week.

Now, he and his lawyer are hitting back hard with their own stunning evidence:

Moore oversaw the divorce proceedings of the woman who accused him of attempted rape. 

“As it turns out, in 1999, Ms. Nelson filed a divorce action against her then-husband, Mr. Harris. Guess who that case was before? It was filed in Etowah County and the judge assigned was Roy S. Moore – circuit judge of Etowah County,” says Moore’s lawyer, Phillip L. Jauregui said in a press conference yesterday.

He’s talking about the woman who held a tearful press conference with media hound lawyer Gloria Allred two short days ago, Beverly Young Nelson.

At that press conference, Nelson was asked if she’d ever had any contact with Moore after the alleged encounter, and she said no.

The Moore campaign has apparently discovered this is far from the truth!

Furthermore, the way Moore signed his court documents at that time–including the papers he would have signed to finalize Nelson’s divorce–explain quite a bit about his supposed signature in her yearbook in 1979.

Take a look:

We’ve already been suspicious of this signature, considering the fact that Moore was the deputy D.A. at the time, not the D.A., and the signature was dated in December when yearbooks are released at the end of the school year.

It made no sense–until now. Check this out:

Moore explains in an open letter to Sean Hannity posted to Twitter:

“My signature on the order of dismissal in the divorce case was annotated with the letters ‘D.A.,’ representing the initials of my court assistant. Curiously the supposed yearbook inscription is also followed by the same initials–‘D.A.’ But at that time I was deputy district attorney, not district attorney,” Moore wrote. “Those initials as well as the date under the signature block and the printed name of the restaurant are written in a style inconsistent with the rest of the yearbook inscription. The ‘7’s’ in ‘Christmas 1977’ are in a noticeably different script than the ‘7’s’ in the date ’12-22-77.’ I believe tampering has occurred. ”

The yearbook signature makes no sense considering Moore was not D.A., but it does make sense that this woman might very well have seen his signature on her divorce papers and maybe, just maybe, used it for a forgery.

And that is exactly what the Moore campaign is now challenging Nelson with:

“I got a question, Gloria Allred and Ms. Nelson: Do you still hold that everything written in that yearbook was written by Roy Moore or was it written by somebody else? That’s not an allegation, that’s a question,” Jauregui boldly addressed Nelson and her lawyer.

Allred and Nelson have now agreed to turn the yearbook over for analysis, although it is absolutely crazy to think that Moore and Jauregui would fabricate so many details that could easily be confirmed with public record.

On top of all of this, and you may have missed this on the mainstream news, but Nelson’s own stepson came out and said he didn’t believe her story and “stands with the Judge 100%.”

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, however, Allred wouldn’t even deny that the yearbook signature was a forgery!

As Big Leage Politics explains it, she said to Blitzer when questioned on the authenticity of the yearbook signature:

“Well, all I’m saying is, we will permit an independent examiner of the writing…We will allow all of this to be asked and answered at the hearing,” Allred said.

“But that’s not a flat denial, Gloria,” Blitzer said.

“Well, all I’m saying is, we’re not denying, we’re not admitting, we’re not addressing,” Allred said. “We will not be distracted.”

It is starting to look very much like Moore has been telling the truth all along and this was a total set-up!