More Female Athletes Taking a Stand Against Bio Male Athletes Invading Their Sports


Contrary to what many on the left seem to believe, it’s not just conservatives, Christians, or people who hold to the scientific definitions of gender that take issue with men competing in women’s sports.

Among the biggest critics of this craze are actual female athletes themselves.

Earlier this year, openly gay tennis champion Martina Navratilova was berated by her fellow LGBT activists for pointing out the obvious fact that men have an unfair advantage when competing in women’s sports.

Now, Olympians Sharron Davies and Kelly Holmes are echoing Navratilova’s concerns after a biological male smashed several world records and won a women’s powerlifting competition.

The powerlifter, who goes by the name Mary Gregory shared the news of the record-breaking win at the Raw Powerlifting Federation Event in an Instagram post:

However, Davies was not among the folks cheering Gregory on. The former swimming champion took to Twitter to express her disappointment that Gregory is even allowed to compete against women, let alone be celebrated for it.

Holmes, a fellow athlete and two-time Olympic champion sprinter, commiserated with Davies about the state of women’s sports and the potential risk to transgender people that could come of this insanity:

Naturally, Holmes and Davies are receiving vicious threats from the “tolerant” inclusivity mob for being transphobic. Nevertheless, Davies continues to use her public platform to speak up about this insanity and the systematic destruction of women’s sports:

In spite of their ardent support of LGBT rights, women like Davies, Holmes, and Navratilova aren’t blind to the handwriting on the wall. If biological men are encouraged to invade women’s sports, the industry’s days are numbered.

The physiological advantages men have to women are scientifically irrefutable and cannot be overcome by even the strongest woman. It will not be long before those like Gregory beat out every single hardworking biological female in their respective sports.

Once again, sports will become a male-dominated venture.

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