More States Seeing Battles Over Graphic “Reproductive Health” Classes


The headlines regarding pornographic sex ed continue to pile up.

Students have been made to watch sick, sexually-explicit cartoons in class, taught that they might not be the gender they were born to be, or that bondage, sadomasochism, and even pedophilia are perfectly normal expressions of sexuality.

The plot to impose this filth on children is ramping up in schools all across the country. Thankfully, however, everyday moms and dads are waking up to this perversion, becoming activists, and fighting the sexual grooming of their children with everything they’ve got.

Over in Washington State, legislators are attempting to pass a bill that would call for the establishment of on-site health clinics in schools. Parents are outraged, and rightfully so, at the prospect of such clinics and what they will surely be used for, including referral for abortions, prescription of birth control, and possibly even referral for cross-sex hormones.

Parents in Washington are already fighting the battle against Democrats seeking to push sex ed on all students beginning in kindergarten with so-called “age-appropriate” lessons on homosexuality, transgenderism, and anatomy.

The mental molestation of impressionable children and adolescents is predictably underestimated by Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and “LGBTQ” activists. In fact, it is becoming increasingly evident that this is acceptable to these extremists.

According to Mission: America, Illinois and New Jersey children will be “forced to hear one-sided propaganda about homosexuals and gender-benders” under new laws that mandate pro-LGBT lessons. In New Jersey, the Family Policy Alliance is sponsoring a petition to allow parents to opt their children out of such classes, which is not an option currently available under the law.

In Colorado, a bill requiring sex ed curricula to be available 90 days in advance to parents was voted down, even after testimony from child abuse advocates who argued that the bill could seriously benefit young victims of sexual assault.

In Fayette County, Georgia, parents are fighting back against plans to adopt curriculum backed by Planned Parenthood and Trojan that would involve essay questions on masturbation and the obligatory normalization of LGBT propaganda.

This is just what happens in the sex ed classes, folks. This isn’t even touching the spread of Drag Queen Story Hours into public schools, who can host the perverted events free of charge.

Sexual perversion is eating away at our public schools like gangrene.

While it might be tempting to think that sending your children to a private Christian school is the answer, that may not always be the case.

Mission: America continues:

In one large midwestern city several years ago, a school counselor in an all-girls’ Catholic school persuaded an emotionally-searching 16-year-old that all her problems would be solved if she identified as a male. She met the counselor privately without her parents’ knowledge. By the time she left for college, the teen—who had previously shown zero gender confusion—was  taking testosterone, soon changed her name and entered into a “marriage” with another woman. Her parents, who prefer to remain anonymous, are devastated.

What can be done about this?

It’s not easy, but it’s quite simple: we must get involved and stay involved.

We wouldn’t know about any of these cases had it not been for concerned parents sounding the alarm and rallying members of their communities to the fight.

We must be ever vigilant, watching over the institutions to which we entrust the education of our children. Be involved in your child’s school. Run for a position on the board. Make your voice heard!

We can only win these battles if we get off our seats and get to work!

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