Morgantown WV Shuts Down Controversial Drag Queen Story Hour After Public Backlash


If you’ve been following Activist Mommy for any length of time, you’re all too familiar with the disturbing wave of Drag Queen Story Hours that have been sweeping the nation. It hasn’t been met without resistance, however, and our voices are being heard. Another Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) has been effectively shut down thanks to concerned citizens like you and me. This time the event was set to take place at the Morgantown Public Library on November 16, according to Family Policy of WV.  

They write :

Regardless of one’s views on LGBT activism and the purpose of this event, it has become apparent that the Morgantown City Library failed to inform parents that the primary Drag Queen reader has an admitted criminal record, and a sordid past. 

It’s unclear if a thorough or any background check was done on the Drag performers, by the library, including any aliases, before scheduling and promoting the event. If a check was actually completed, then the library and its facilitating House Delegate Danielle Walker, failed to notify the community and parents, that one of Saturday’s scheduled performers, sometimes known as Paul Liller, has a criminal record.

The library has scheduled drag performers Dimitri Blackwell aka Liller, and Robin Hearts-Love, to read to children at this Saturday’s event. The event is sponsored by Blackwell Industries, owned by Dimitri Blackwell, aka Paul Liller.  

As if men dressed up in flamboyant, sexually suggestive women’s attire with their faces painted up like circus clowns isn’t inappropriate enough for a children’s storytime, here is yet another incident of a criminal being given access to children under the guise of these events

Paul Liller is a less-than-stand-up individual, at best. Not only does he goes by several aliases including ‘Dimitri Blackwell’ and ‘Paul Blackwell’ but he is a convicted thief who has been charged with and pled guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from an LGBT activist organization of which he was the Gay Pride Coordinator, according to Family Policy of WV.

Why would anybody in charge of a library think a shady character like this was a suitable person to read stories to young children? Clearly someone is not doing background checks and if they are, their judgment is in dire need of evaluation.

The other performer who was scheduled to appear at the now-canceled DQSH event is Robin Hearts-Love, who apparently performed at a political campaign fundraiser in August for the very delegate who organized the entire Story Hour event, Danielle Walker (WV-51st). While not criminal it most certainly displays a bias on Walker’s part and a possible indication of her willingness to turn a blind eye to potential performers’ backgrounds.

Family Policy of WV goes on to say:

Pushing a socially liberal LGBT agenda to adults using public resources is inappropriate, but exposing children to it, using a highly controversial method does not meet the “good faith” standard for public employees. 

In addition, if the Morgantown City Library knew about Liller’s criminal record and proceeded with the event anyway, then that is an egregious misuse of public tax dollars and a breach of community trust. Dismissals and reduction in library funding should be considered

Very well said and we agree. There should be accountability on Walker’s part as someone who holds a public office and should have the best interest of the public in her purview.

Thankfully, this show was stopped. Unfortunately, performers with criminal records seem to be the trend at Drag Queen Story Hours but sadly not all of these events are stopped.

We must continue to make our voices known and apply as much pressure to libraries and elected officials as we possibly can in order to continue to get these events shut down. We have the power to protect innocent children from the greatest grooming exploitation this country has ever seen. When we stand united, we do make a difference.

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