Mother Blessed With Quadruplets Plans on “Choosing” to Only Have the Girls


If this isn’t the craziest, most heartbreaking story you’ll read today, you truly have a heart of stone. After struggling with infertility, a woman who is now pregnant with quadruplets—two boys and two girls—is considering the unthinkable. She wants to abort her baby boys.

Known only on Reddit as “PlaneGanache,” the mother shared her story, filed under “Am I The A**hole?” asking if she is in the wrong for wanting to keep her daughters but kill her sons.

The irony is truly bitter that after years of fertility and the monumental cost of in vitro, this mother fails to recognize the unspeakable blessing of not only one, but four little lives now taking up residence in her womb, and, just after going through such lengths to bring them into being, she is considering terminating some of those lives to tailor-make her family.

It’s beyond sick.

“Fast forward. We find out we’re pregnant and we are super happy, like over the moon ecstatic,” she continued. “We couldn’t wait for the 12 week mark to tell people, and started working on a nursery right away.”

At a follow-up ultrasound, she and her husband learned that they were expecting identical twin girls and two fraternal boys, each one perfectly formed and healthy.

“Four. That’s insane,” she declared.

Her post continued:

Now, I’m a small woman, 5’0 and very petite. At my next scan, it was suggested I consider aborting two of the pregnancies for the sake of my body, and to be honest, I was quietly considering bringing this idea up to my husband anyway because of the money involved with raising four children. We could afford two babies, but no way could we afford four.

Me and my husband are distraught that this is our reality, but we went home and tried to figure it out. From our latest scan, we know we have identical twin girls and two fraternal boys in there. If we go through with the selective abortion, which we most likely will, I brought up that I would like to keep the two girls as they are identical twins (I’m hoping they have the ‘twin bond’) and also, to be honest, I’ve always wanted girls.

Understandably, the couple’s extended family was rightfully upset when they announced the plan, as anyone in their right mind should be upset that killing half of them is even being considered, especially on the basis of their gender!

While PlaneGanache’s story would be nearly impossible to verify, it still serves to highlight the heartbreaking reality that the vast majority of abortions are elective and for selfish reasons like family size preference. The truth that many don’t realize is, within our abortion-loving medical community, women carrying multiples are frequently encouraged to abort one or more of their babies for just about any reason the doctor can cook up.

Seeking an abortion because of your body size (seriously?), budget size, or desired family size is selfish and shortsighted, plain and simple. None of us, not this woman, nor her children, have any guarantee of comfort, happiness, or even waking up the next morning. To make an irreversible decision because of these insignificant factors is unthinkable for any mother to consider.

To end a child’s life for any reason should be anathema, but there’s something especially startling and infuriating when it’s done for pure convenience.


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