Mother, Children Aged 8 and 3 Hanged Over New Christian Faith By Muslim Husband in Uganda

Photo by Ninno JackJr on Unsplash

A young mother and her two children, aged 3 and 8, were hanged over the mother and oldest child’s recent conversion to Christianity over the Christmas holiday.

Shamira Nakato, 27, and her children were found hanged on Dec. 28 after concerned community members witnessed her husband assault her as he dragged her out of a church service.

A neighbor had invited Nakato to church for Christmas while her husband was out of town on a two-day trip, where the pastor met with and prayed over her and the children.

The following day, they returned for Sunday services where the pastor says she accepted Christ.

“At the end of the service, Nakato remained behind and told me that he she had a deep conviction to embrace Christ after the prayer of Christmas Day,” he said, according to Morning Star News. “I then prayed for her and invited her for a special prayer day on Monday, Dec. 27.”

However, when she returned on Monday, her husband arrived at home, where a Muslim neighbor told him that he’d seen Nakato at church.

“When he entered the church, his wife and the children were seated at the back,” the pastor explained. “He pulled her out of the church, and about 100 meters away, a member saw him beat his wife.”

Later that day, a neighbor heard screaming from the home and then saw two men in Islamic garb assembling a wooden structure outside the house. This structure, it would later appear, had been used to elevate the victims to be hanged.

The neighbor said that some other residents heard brief screaming from the house late at night.

When he went to the house early on the morning of Dec. 28, the neighbor found no one. Since the front door was opened, he entered and found the woman and her children hanged.

“I made an alarm that brought area residents, including the chairperson of Local Council 1, Fred Sekatonya, rushing to the scene,” he explained. “Later the police arrived from Bukaloto police post, and the three bodies were carried to Kayunga Hospital for postmortem.”

Nakato’s husband, Hamidu Kasimbi, is currently at large, although a homicide case has been registered.

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