Mother of Britian’s Youngest Transgender Child Speaks About the “Transition” Beginning At Age 3


Parents are meant to protect, guide, and instruct their children in the ways of truth and reality, not push them down paths of confusion and fantasy leading to their destruction, but sadly, with the rising predominance of “gender theory,” we are seeing the latter far too frequently

One British mother has decided to go public with the story of her son’s sad journey from being born a boy, as God intended, to living as a girl since age 5

Jeneen Schofield is the “proud” mother of “Luna,” the alleged youngest “transgender” child in British history. What an accomplishment.

According to a report by The Mirror, 8-year-old Luna had wished to become a girl at every Christmas and birthday since he was just three years old, Schofield asserts, saying that her son “soon sensed he should be living life as a girl.”

Most toddlers are just learning how to relieve themselves in a toilet rather than a diaper, but we should definitely trust their instincts on living life as a member of the opposite sex, right? Anybody with a shred of common sense can recognize how insane that is, yet Schofield decided to play along.

Schofield, who is a single mother, claims she believed it was just “a phase” and that she told her son to “stop being silly.” 

“One thing I was sure of was how I’d certainly never encouraged Luna to be a girl,” she declared. 

It’s interesting to note, however, that while she maintains her alleged opposition to her son’s wish to be a girl, Schofield also explains how he, an only child, always preferred playing with dolls and dresses over boy stuff:

“Before then [her social transition at age 5] she’d worn princess dresses to the local shop with me, or at home. On her fifth birthday she spent the day at Disneyland Paris in a dress. She couldn’t have been happier.”

And just where did Schofield’s son get the dolls and girls’ dress-up clothes if not from her? How can she claim to have been opposed to her son asking to be a girl all while supplying him with dolls and dresses? Parents are becoming completely ignorant of the consequences of the way in which they “parent” and the influence this has on their own children’s lives. Perhaps, had Schofield told her son it was silly to want to be a girl and then actually treated him like a boy he wouldn’t have gone down this tragic road.

Now, at age 8, his name has been changed to Luna, he has a new passport to reflect this, and he’s wearing a girl’s uniform to school. Meanwhile, his mom acts like a martyr saying she had to go through a “grieving process” over the little boy she had to let go of, claiming Luna has been “set free.”

Perhaps, most disturbing of all is the Church of England’s willingness to support the rejection of God’s word by offering “re-baptisms” for transgender people. Schofield says her son was “re-baptized” last year as part of his transition.

“The vicar couldn’t have been more supportive, even wearing a rainbow silk scarf,” Schofield noted. 

According to LifeSiteNews:

While the Church of England doesn’t officially offer “second baptisms,” priests have been  directed to offer baptism-style ceremonies for those announcing their new sexual identity.

In a pastoral guidance issued last year, clergy were told to call men by their new female names and women by their new male names. The guidance declares, “For a trans person to be addressed liturgically by the minister for the first time by their chosen name may be a powerful moment in the service.”

This is extremely disheartening. The Church of England is leading followers astray with their acceptance of the perversion of God’s creation and original design. Christian Concern’s chief executive, Andrea Minichiello Williams, a lay member of the Church’s General Synod, said, “The point of baptism is to identify a person with Jesus as they begin a life of following him,” continued Williams. “Using an affirmation of baptism to celebrate a gender transition turns this upside down by encouraging people to follow their own feelings and live in identities contrary to how God created them.”

“It is not loving to mislead people — and wider society — into the falsehoods and myths of transgender ideology,” said Williams. She is completely right. The Church of England is complicit in the outright denial of God’s fundamental truths. 

Sadly, the story of the little boy named “Luna” is not an isolated incident. According to the report by The Mirror:

Luna’s story comes as figures show the number of gender dysphoria children in Britain doubled in the past year.

Referrals to England’s only specialist clinic for transgender children have risen nearly 100 per cent in four years.

Last year 2,590 children were referred to the Leeds-based Gender Identity Development Service, where Luna visits.

This has become an epidemic. Thousands of children becoming the victims of their parents’  misguided notions of child-rearing in the modern age. This idea that children should be given whatever makes them happy is completely toxic. This is clearly evidenced by the exploding number of gender-confused children in the UK alone.

Schofield described the process as being emotionally difficult for her, as if she had no control over the whole ordeal. The Mirror reports she was desperately seeking out support, and that it was “YouTube videos of parents of trans kids talking about their situation – plus resources downloaded from Mermaids, the trans-support charity – helped her realise Luna could find happiness.”

“The more research, the more I realised transitioning didn’t mean the end. Luna could have a happy life and find love as a girl,” Schofield said.

It seems that an inordinate amount of focus is placed on her son’s “happiness” with complete disregard for his well-being or healthy development into an adult. It’s truly mind-boggling how any mother could claim this isn’t what they wanted for their child all while taking them by the hand and pulling them down this dark road.

Just this month, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) psychologists stated that children are being allowed to “transition” at far too young an age—as if there is ever an appropriate day to allow children to live as the opposite sex. Although the NHS argues that early transitioning “could do long-term harm,” thousands of parents are still allowing their children to live in delusion with the help and encouragement of reckless and irresponsible “support” groups such as Mermaids

Two top doctors in the UK have also come out against early transitioning. “No one should be assigned the label transgender before puberty. If the child is unhappy then the reasons should be explored without assigning labels,” said social psychologist Dr. David Canter. Raj Persaud, a consultant psychiatrist and acclaimed author, asserts, “A careful medical assessment is needed to understand what is going on. Only then can decisions be reached.”

Pray fervently for this heartbreaking wave of parental negligence and for the children who are being made the victims.

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