FURIOUS Mother Slams School System For Teaching KIDS As Young As 13 To Masturbate

A mother of four from Victoria, Australia has published a fiery video on Facebook in which she slams her local school district’s ‘Safe Schools’ program for its sexualizing of children as young as 13.


According to The Daily Mail, the program “was originally meant to tackle issues such as bullying and discrimination arising from homophobia and transphobia.”

While the mother behind the aforementioned video was, according to The Daily Mail, initially open-minded about the program, she quickly came to realize that it was really “hyper, hyper sexual” and flat-out inappropriate.

“My 13-year-old son came home from school and said, ‘mum, I know what a dildo is,'” the mother, who introduces herself as ‘Political Posting Mama,’ says in the clip. “The teacher had shown them a dildo.”

In the video, Political Posting Mama goes on to state, “my daughter [brought home] evidence of being taught how to masturbate – how to masturbate using things like electric toothbrushes.”

“It sexualizes the children,” she continues. “The program is absolutely disgusting and it needs to stop.”

Voicing her frustration further, she adds that parents are not given the choice to opt their children out of participation in the ‘Safe Schools’ program.

In her video, Political Posting Mama also slams the ‘Safe Schools’ program for allegedly teaching children that there are more than two genders.

“They’re not teaching male and female and people fit within that spectrum, but 63 different,” she states.

The Daily Mail quotes a Department of Education spokesman as responding to Political Posting Mama’s critique of the gender spectrum component of the ‘Safe Schools’ program by stating, “all students have the right to feel safe and welcome at school, and it is a sad reality that LGBTI [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex] young people are more likely to be bullied at school than elsewhere and this has a major impact on their educational outcomes.”

See Political Posting Mama’s full fiery video below.

Mother reveals all about Safe Schools

BREAKING: Desperate Victorian mother goes public, on self made video, about the dangerous Safe Schools program and what it exposed her child too at school. Every parent must watch and share this! SIGN THE PETITION to stop 'Safe' Schools' http://youreteachingourchildrenwhat.org/2017/08/petition-to-stop-safe-schools/

Posted by You're Teaching Our Children What? on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Many people have subsequently spoken out in horror upon hearing Political Posting Mama’s account of what the ‘Safe School’s program entails.

Of course, the push to indoctrinate and sexualize children isn’t limited to Australia.

Recently, Teen Vogue made headlines for its publishing of a guide to anal sex for children as young as eleven years old.

The Activist Mommy was right on top of the matter.

As for gender insanity – really, 63 genders?!? – The Activist Mommy is all over that too.

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