Movie Guide’s Ted Baehr: Facebook Is Censoring Christian Sites While Sex Trafficking Sites Thrive


Movie critic Ted Baehr is warning that social media giant Facebook is not doing enough to thwart efforts on the part of human traffickers to use the platform for their sick trade.

“The problem is gigantic,” he recently told CBN News while discussing the recent reports that Facebook is being used by human and drug trafficking cartels.

“I was one of the founding board members of the National Coalition on Sexual Exploitation. It’s been a bigger and bigger problem, especially when we talk about the crackdown on conservative sites or Christian sites,” he explained.

Since 2016, Facebook has been accused of applying nebulous “community standards” in a remarkably biased manner which ultimately leaves pages for conservative or faith-based websites, like our own, at a distinct disadvantage.

Meanwhile, multiple reports have been released detailing the extent to which Facebook is being used by cartels, international sex traffickers, and child predators.

“Because they say on Facebook that the cost of doing business in Africa and the Middle East is allowing all of these different businesses to use it. These businesses are sex slavery. These businesses are trafficking,” Baehr charged.

He mentioned a Wall Street Journal report from earlier this month which claimed that Apple threatened to remove Facebook from its app store if they did not do more to prevent human traffickers who used the platform to sell slave labor in the Middle East.

“One of the reports in the Wall Street Journal is about a woman from Africa, who was brought to Saudi Arabia-area and she became a slave,” he explained. “And she tried to escape. She had signed a contract that she couldn’t. So this is common.”

“Anybody will tell you who’s concerned about this issue that there’s more slavery today than there’s ever been in terms of sex slavery, etc.,” Baehr explained. “So these cartels are using Facebook. Facebook has said, ‘We are going to address the issue.’ They’ve never really addressed it. It’s Facebook’s own employees that have brought this to people’s attention and yet they are denying other people from using Facebook. It’s a very strange situation.”

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