MSNBC Celebrates Father’s Day By Telling Men to Support Abortion


This Father’s Day weekend, cable news network MSNBC hosted the creators of a pro-abortion video which was made for the holiday to urge men to support abortion.

“[W]e have been doing a campaign because, truth be told, when you look at historically, how patriarchy and white supremacy has played a role, you know think about the fact that women couldn’t have a credit card,” Lizz Winstead, founder of Abortion Access Front, told guest host Michael Steele on Saturday of the video she created with comedian W. Kamau Bell.

“You know, husbands could make medical decisions, could commit them, women to asylums, you know, and so for years I think we just rejected men weighing in,” she continued.

Of the project, she said, “I think what this video does so beautifully is, A, uses humor to show dads and cis men how much they have benefited from both birth control and abortion, but also to change the narrative of control and intervention to a narrative of men having solidarity with us.”

Steele, a former RNC chairman who MRC noted still professes to be pro-life, then turned to Bell.

“You know, Kamau, that–that– raises a very interesting point for me. Because as somebody stands on the other side of this—of this– conversation, I’ve always believed that the—the– piece that was missing was men, you know. It always seems to put the weight, the burden, on either, whether on the pro-life side or on the pro-choice side, on women,” Steele noted.

By “his side,” he meant the pro-life argument, as it is a common trope among pro-abortion advocates that men don’t have a right to weigh in on reproductive justice, although they typically do not mind when men weigh in with pro-abortion views, it must be noted.

MRC notes that Steele could have taken the opportunity to spark conversation as to whether pro-abortion men just “find abortion convenient,” but sardonically concluded that “MSNBC doesn’t do interesting conversations.”

The guest host continued instead by asking, “was there ever a time when you thought this wasn’t your fight, this wasn’t your battle, and—and—what’s your message to other men now who may still have that apprehension about engaging in–in– the subject.”

Bell replied, “I mean, I do think that the apprehension for men’s normally on my side, as you say on your side I think men often do weigh in and tell women what to do with their bodies.”

As Steele began to laugh, Bell continued, “So I would say that on—on– this side of the aisle, men often feel like they don’t need to get into conversation because—because– they [sic] are activists, there are women doing the battle. And I learned a long time ago from my wife, from my mom, and friends of mine, I live in a place called the Bay Area of California, that we all have to battle for everybody’s rights.”

A poignant aspect to the conversation that also appears to have gone unaddressed, particularly in light of Father’s Day, is that abortion often denies a man the right to decide whether his own child lives or dies.

Instead, MSNBC wants to use the occasion to lecture men about how they can support women in making this decision without involving the father of their babies.

Very sad.

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