MSNBC Panel Claims Pro-Lifers Treat Women Like “Incubators With Mouthparts,” U.S. Will Be “Gilead” If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned


MSNBC host Tiffany Cross and her panel of pro-abortion guests laid on the hyperbole on Friday in the wake of news that the Mississippi attorney general had asked the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that effectively legalized abortion in the United States.

Cross derided pro-life advocacy of wanting to treat women like “incubators with mouthparts” and that legal efforts to overturn the notoriously bad ruling that paved the way for the systematic destruction of unborn life in the womb will turn our country into “Gilead.”

Gilead is the name of the fictional dystopia of Margaret Atwood’s novel-turned-Hulu series in which women are treated as second-class citizens and “handmaids” are forced to bear the children of their masters, an absurd scenario never before advocated for by mainstream pro-lifers or conservatives in any way, shape, or form yet is constantly pointed to as the end goal of abortion abolition.

Cross, the host of MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection,” hosted a panel to react to the news that Attorney General Lynn Fitch of the Magnolia State had made the request to the high court as it prepares to consider a Mississippi abortion law that has been challenged as undermining Roe v. Wade, a case which has the potential to see the controversial ruling overturned.

Cross, Felice León of The Root, MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal, all of whom are vehemently pro-abortion, employed several misguided pro-abortion talking points that sorely misrepresent the views of the pro-life movement and the moral debate over abortion as a whole.

“We also know that women of color, and low-income women, get abortions at higher rates than white women and more affluent women,” León said, as though the disproportionate number of abortions among women of color and low-income women is not something that should concern anyone who advocates for the value of human life regardless of such factors.

“So any law will impact my sisters, my black and brown sisters in Mississippi for sure, and this really shows that the attorney general ultimately is a wealthy white woman who is acting in the interest of conservatives and other wealthy white women,” she continued.

This is both a disgusting and non-sensical implication, as it is entirely unclear why, exactly, Leon believes that wealthy white women somehow stand to gain personally by seeing that unborn babies of color or conceived by low-income families are treated as human beings rather than as disposable.

Cross emphatically agreed, however, concurring, “100 percent.”

Mystal, meanwhile, paved the way for the Gilead comparisons by claiming that “After 26 weeks, we treat women like they’re incubators with mouthparts…The case that was already in front of the Supreme Court next year seeks to destroy that baseline demarcation of fetal viability, and allow the states to start treating women like incubators with mouthparts earlier and earlier and earlier in the process.”

“Remember, already, after fetal viability, we treat women like we’re in Gilead already,” she also said.

The women concluded that the best way forward to avoid Atwood-style patriarchal dystopia, naturally, is to pack the Supreme Court.

“If we want to stop them, as you say Tiffany, the only thing is to use our constitutional power and expand the number of Justices on the Supreme Court,” Mystal declared. “That’s the solution. That’s the only solution.”

Also on Friday, Cross filled in for fellow MSNBC host Joy Reid, where she discussed the issue with a panel that included Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson.

She again employed the “The Handmaid’s Tale” reference, deriding Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the first mother of school-aged children in the history of the court and the mother of two adopted children, as “an actual, real-life Handmaid on the Supreme Court.”

A woman who willingly signed up to raise two children who were not her own is actually the opposite of a woman who is forced to carry someone else’s child, but no one on these panels seemed particularly interested in consistency.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m just going to be a little more graphic so people understand, I mean, we’re going back to coat hangers and seedy hotels and women being killed by bootleg, you know, seedy doctors claiming to be able to help them. That is not what we want in a society that claims to care about women,” cross declared.

“When it comes to the Supreme Court, I’m terrified that the Supreme Court may actually overturn Roe v. Wade, I know this argument has been going on for a long time,” she also said. There’s a real live handmaiden on the Supreme Court — it feels like we’re 10 minutes from living in Gilead.”

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