MSU Student Paper Features Vulgar Story of Jesus Involved in Sex Acts, Smutty Picture


We must begin this story with the obligatory question, “what would happen if someone portrayed the prophet Muhammad in this way?”

There are many parts of the world in which you would be imprisoned, beaten, and likely even killed for speaking of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, in a slightly negative light, let alone depicted in graphic sex acts in the pages of a college newspaper.

A Montana State Newspaper recently published a vulgar and beyond low-brow story involving not Muhammad, of course, but the Lord Jesus Christ. This newspaper, MSU Expotent, is funded by a mandatory student fee every year, which students are unable to waive.

It is very safe to assume that had had a mandatory student fee-funded student newspaper on any campus across the nation had published a story of Muhammad in such graphic sexual context, there would be literal violent riots and an epic media snowflake meltdown.

“After all, what could be sexier than spending a long day at work or in class, coming home, and getting on your knees opening your mouth for the Lord,” the anonymous column reads. “Who do you think will protect you when you have sinful premarital relations? Because it sure as Hell not gonna be that condom you’ve been carrying in your wallet for four years on the off chance that you get luck. It’s gonna be that beautiful, sin-absolving love muscle.”

The piece was, Campus Reform reports, published just three days before Easter, in the middle of Holy Week, to top off the egregious disrespectfulness extended towards Christians in the article.

“All students enrolled at Montana State University must subsidize the Exponent at the rate of $2.65 per semester,” Campus Reform notes. “These funds are only available to the Exponent, and no other alternative student publications. There is no option to waive the fee.”

As of CR publish time on March 30, the story could no longer be found on The Exponent’s website, and they provided an update later that the editorial team had commented they decided to take the piece down as “the article in question was not in keeping with our content standards for satire.”

There was apparently no mention of the vulgar or bigoted tone of the article, which would certainly been noted had this been offensive to anyone on the list of intersectional, culturally marxist talking points.

The irony that leftists rage against Christianity is rich; it is because of the theism of our founders and the Christian morality our Constitution is based on that they are at all able to mock the Lord. Because of the deep faith of the people who founded our great nation, the rights of future generations were secured by the establishment of a truly unique country that recognizes liberty more than any other in the span of human existence.

A country in which leftists have all the freedom in the world to express all the crazy things they believe, and they use that freedom to bash the very principals that ensured they’d have it. Christianity has become enemy #1 to the mainstream cultural narrative, as they use their sacred rights to bash the very God who endowed them upon us.