Muslim Hair Model For L’Oreal Steps Down After Anti-Semitic Tweets Discovered


Liberal ideology has been the root cause of a lot of insanity in the last decade — though a solid case could be made that it’s been plaguing the mental health of our nation since not long after its founding — and the concept of diversity hires is just one of many examples of such lunacy.

This is where a company, consumed by the social justice warrior mentality, is so desperate to crusade for “racial equality” that they will hire a person just because of their minority status, regardless of whether or not doing so will benefit the person or the company or if they are even qualified for the job.

This is starting to blow up in the face of companies engaging in this practice, such as L’Oreal, who recently hired a hijab wearing model for its hair care products — yeah that doesn’t make sense, does it? — and had the whole thing turn awry after discovering she’s a raging antisemite.

Louder With Crowder has the details:

In case you need a refresher, Amena here had a closet full of hijab-donning, anti-Israel skeletons. Her earlier tweets reveal a deep, obsessive hatred for all things Israeli. She blames them for regional tension, the death of children, terrorism, the usual.

So, advertising a hair product on hair stuffed underneath a hijab wasn’t the brightest marketing idea in itself. But such trivialities mattered not to L’Oreal, because they intend to sell the idea of social justice. Diversity. The only problem? You can’t really sell “diversity” with the face of a jew-hating antisemite. Kind of goes against the whole theme.


One has to wonder, if Amena was so deeply concerned with “harmony” why she would so aggressively hate on a group of people for claiming their own land? That doesn’t really make much sense, but then again, this is the same woman who took a job as a hair model whose hair you couldn’t even see.

L’Oreal actually thought that by hiring Amena they could sell their products by appearing forward thinking and “progressive,” instead of doing what smart businesses have been doing since the dawn of advertising: showcasing the effectiveness of the product.

Sorry, but the majority of Americans want to see results, even if airbrushed, of a product before laying down their hard earned cash for something that may not even work.

So this hire really shouldn’t have been made from the get-go. Muslim ideology is strongly, passionately anti-Israel and anti-Jew, often calling for violence against Jewish people. Even the so-called “moderates” uphold such behavior through their refusal to condemn the radicals.

At the end of the day, a person should be hired for a job due to their qualifications and experience, not because of their race or religious affiliation, especially if the sole purpose is just to make your company appear diverse.