Muslim Woman Tries to Get Peer EXPELLED for Politely Declining to Try on Hijab


There’s this thing about tolerance. While the left seems to think that the principles of freedom outlined in the constitution actually mean that anyone can do anything they want an no one can disagree with it, in reality, if you want people to be tolerant of you, all logic dictates you must tolerate it when people simply disagree with you.

We can be polite, decent, and even kind to others, in essence, tolerate them, without actually agreeing with them or wanting anything to do with their ideology. But to publicly castrate and attempt to seek punishment for another human being simply because they disagree with your beliefs is the exact opposite of tolerant.

A self-described independent thinker and student of the University of Central Florida recently experienced this first-hand, when she declined to try on a hijab at an Office of Student Involvement booth, took pictures of the booth, and posted about it on Twitter.

Before we continue, let’s think about this: the reason Kathy Zhu, the student in question, was most likely posting about this is because this was an official school booth putting on this little try-out-female-oppression-for-a-day event. Can you imagine the outrage if it had been a “try on a yarmulke” or “pray to Jesus with me” booth?! Obviously, we live in America and school groups should be allowed to meet and operate freely on school grounds, but for the school to officially promote Islam is insane.

One of the students who had tended the booth saw Kathy’s tweet and decided that since Kathy had the audacity to commit the grievous crime of disagreeing with her beliefs, Kathy should face harsh disciplinary action.

Right…so it’s hateful to comment on your own personal Twitter account that you disagree with the school promoting the practice of hijab, but it’s totally not hateful to, as the Chicks on the Right put it, “call on an angry SJW Twitter mob to take [Kathy] down.”

While fellow snowflake SJWs did, in fact, rush to the young Muslim woman’s defense and offer her solidarity in intolerance, Kathy was smarter than they were, and knew full well she did nothing warranting expulsion.

She makes some excellent points and inadvertently points out something else: UCF is a public university which means that were this booth Christian, the American Humanist Association would already have a lawsuit in the works for promoting religion on a public school campus.

While no one seems to be addressing this, the University was forced to respond to the incident:

Well there you have it, Muslim or no, today’s snowflake college students need to grow up and learn how to handle it when people express civil disagreement with them.

Well done, Kathy.