Abortion Group Gets Shredded Online For Comparing Pro-Lifers To White Supremacists


Featured Image via NARAL Pro-Choice America

NARAL Pro-Choice America, a group that prides itself on campaigning in support of baby murder, is facing a great deal of backlash over its ill-conceived comparison of pro-lifers and white supremacists.

“Anti-choice groups & white supremacists have something in common,” a tweet from NARAL read. “They both want to control women’s bodies.”

Um, what?

First of all, the pro-life movement is not about anyone’s desire to “control women’s bodies.”

In fact, hello, many members of the pro-life movement are women.

Secondly, um, what?

Since when is wanting to end a practice that kills more black people than any other cause of death comparable to the goals of white supremacy?

NARAL clearly did not think this tweet through – and they’re getting thoroughly roasted as a result.