National School Board Association Suffering “Critical Losses” After Likening Parents to Domestic Terrorists


The National School Board Association is reportedly suffering critical fundraising losses over state member organizations are pulling out over the national arm’s open letter which likened parents protesting at school board meetings to domestic terrorists.

The NASB’s call to the Biden administration to investigate and prosecute purported threats faced by school board associations and school staffers was heeded by the Department of Justice, which subsequently ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation to work with local law enforcement and schools to address the matter.

This, it turns out, was a bad move on the part of the NASB, as now 17 states have pulled out of the organization, taking with them 40% of the group’s funding.

“Officials fear upheaval at the organization — the nation’s leading trade group representing U.S. public schools — will handicap it just as national debates over school curricula and COVID-19 mitigation measures dominate the political conversation,” Axios reports.

The 17 states that have withdrawn, which include Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin, collectively paid $1.1 million in annual dues in 2019, according to records submitted at a recent meeting of the Florida School Boards Association.

Axios notes this accounted for roughly 42% of the organization’s overall funding for that year.

The NASB has since apologized for the comparison between parents and domestic terrorists, but this hasn’t stopped the exodus from the organization.

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