Matt Walsh: If You Really Want To Fight Nazism In America, Focus On The Abortion Industry

Matt Walsh, a Christian columnist writing for The Blaze, has a suggestion for liberals adamant about fighting Nazism in America: look no further than the abortion industry.


In his column, Walsh recounts a CBS headline published on Monday declaring, “Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion.”

“Of course, it leaves out one important word,” Walsh writes. “Iceland is eliminating Down syndrome people – not Down syndrome itself – by killing anyone who has the condition.”

Walsh goes on to mention news that Oregon has passed sweeping pro-abortion legislation that liberals tout as some sort of big win for women’s healthcare.

“The reports are misleading,” Walsh writes. “The law actually forces all residents in the state to pay for abortions for anyone who wants them, including illegal aliens.”

“The reports of these atrocities are interestingly timed because they come amidst a national panic over neo-Nazism,” he continues.

“We are right to be disgusted and horrified by the few dozen white supremacist losers who carried Tiki torches through Charlottesville on Saturday.”

“But we are ridiculous for acting as if these racist nerds represent some threat to our national existence,” Walsh adds.

“The majority of our citizens do not sympathize with Nazism outright. Many, however, sympathize with some of the primary goals and most brutal tactics of the Nazi party. Though they may not think of it in those terms, they still celebrate the achievement of ‘eliminating’ medical conditions by killing the babies who have it, and they applaud governments that ‘expand reproductive health access’ by forcing helpless citizens to fund the mass extermination of human beings,” he further writes in a true zinger of a paragraph.

“They may not march through the streets waving swastikas around, but they look with indifference or approval at our own version of the Nazi death camp.”

“Planned Parenthood may not hang the Nazi flag on the doors of its clinics, but it has enough blood on its hands to impress even the most prolific concentration camp executioner.”

Matt Walsh is not wrong.

Did you know that in the black community, abortion kills more individuals than all other causes of death combined?

As mentioned earlier today, this is exactly what Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger intended for her organization to do – suppress the black community.

Yet liberals aren’t calling for the removal of her bust from the Smithsonian museum.

She’s not included in their current tirade against “racism.”

Why does she – and the abortion industry at large – get a free pass from liberals who profess to be fighting against “fascism?”

Food for thought – although you probably already know the answer.

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