NBC, Atlantic Contributor Becomes Spox for Group Accused of Trying to “Normalize Pedophilia”


Noah Berlatsky, a journalist and editor who has written for a number of prominent outlets, has been slated as the spokesperson for a non-profit organization accused of trying to “normalize pedophilia.”

Berlatsky has gained notoriety for several tweets he’s issued from his now-locked Twitter account that characterized parents as “oppressors,” lamented that pedophiles are “stigmatized,” and appeared to defend child prostitution.

Now, he is spokesperson for the non-profit group Prostasia, which has branded itself as a “a new kind of child protection organization” which offers counseling to self-identified pedophiles who do not wish to abuse children, believing that current approaches to curb child sexual abuse involving law enforcement and social services “are less effective than they should be, because they are driven by emotion rather than evidence.”

The Post Millennial recently issued a lengthy report on the extent to which both Berlatsky and Prostasia appear to promote child sexuality while claiming to be interested in reducing child sexual abuse.

The group identifies pedophiles as “minor attracted persons” and has campaigned against laws banning child-like sex dolls and child pornography and claimed that laws targeting child sex trafficking are ineffective.

The PM notes that the group supports the “kink community,” arguing that those seeking to end child sexual abuse “could learn from this community about practices that may reduce child sexual abuse.”

The group has written that They write that the “majority of sexual offences aren’t the result of child sex trafficking, nor are they committed by known sex offenders. Yet these are the targets of most child protection laws and policies, which explains why they are so ineffective.”

“In Prostasia’s blog entries, ‘child protection’ routinely ends up in the same sentences as ‘free speech,’ ‘kink,’ or ‘sex positivity.’ The topics of age play, furries, hentai [anime or manga pornography], and prostitution are spoken about no differently as, and often with no barrier between, child sexuality and child sexual abuse,” Anna Slatz wrote about the group earlier this year.

“The anti-porn crusaders fear that children being exposed to sex is going to lead them to some kind of ultimate demoralization,” Mireille Miller-Young told Berlatsky in the July interview. He did not push back at all.

“And, of course, the socialization that pornographic materials can provide at that age can be interpreted in different ways. And my experience was of it being joyful and fun. It was an image of beauty and sexiness that influenced my ideas about sexuality through life,” she also said.

For his part, Berlatsky has argued that the best way to help children who are trafficked is to “decriminalize the sex industry” and that “pedophiles are essentially a stigmatized group.”

“Most young people who trade sex don’t see themselves as victims, Lutnick emphasizes. They often see themselves as resourceful individuals who are doing what they need to survive in difficult circumstances,” he once wrote, citing UC Berkeley lecturer Alexandra Lutnick.

He’s also declared that “fascists” love to accuse people of pedophilia because “it’s an explosive accusation linked historically to queer people and Jewish people and sex workers.”

Berlatsky, who now serves as Protastia, has written for outlets such as NBC, The Atlantic, NPR, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and others. He’s no small fry — he is someone with a huge platform who hold very radical views about child sexuality.

This is scary.

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