NC Conservatives Win Fight Against Drag Queen Hoping To Indoctrinate Kids In Public Libraries


Featured Image via WCNC

A conservative group in North Carolina has taken a stand against a man requesting permission to host a “drag queen story hour” for children at public libraries.

According to WCNC, the drag queen in question – Brandon James aka Princess Onya – believed his show, the first of which he intended to hold at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, would teach children tolerance and acceptance of grown men who choose to dress up as women.

“[H]e wants to reach them, as early as possible,” the outlet stated in a July report. “And what better way to do that than through a book?”

However, shortly after WCNC broke news of Princess Onya’s plan, conservative citizen group Keep NC Safe spoke out against the degeneracy.

“We say no @cmlibrary keep it out of the Queen City,” the group tweeted. “Storytime with a Drag Queen is not helping kids, it’s disturbing.”

The group also made a statement on its Facebook page encouraging concerned citizens to call their local libraries and express their displeasure with the idea of “drag queen storytime.”

Earlier today, Keep NC Safe posted another status on Facebook informing its followers that the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library would not be hosting Princess Onya’s “drag queen storytime.”

“Thank you for your feedback and concern for children in Charlotte,” the status reads, adding that Princess Onya’s “drag queen storytime” will take place at a private establishment (as opposed to a publicly-funded library) next week.

Linked in Keep NC Safe’s latest status is another article from WCNC which details the severity of the backlash Princess Onya’s plan received after it was publicized.

The outlet quotes Mecklenburg County Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour as stating, “I was shocked to see somebody wanted to do that in a publicly-funded library. I don’t think it’s what the majority of our [community] would support.”

Indeed, quite a few comments on Keep NC Safe’s Facebook post indicate that Princess Onya’s request was not a popular one.

HuffPost, meanwhile, has taken Princess Onya’s side, quoting the drag queen as stating he was “completely caught off guard” by the opposition to his plan.

“I was truly oblivious,” he reportedly said. “I mostly find it sad. I understand that super religious people would not be there supporting it, but to go the extra mile to fight it when you could just not come kinda shocked me.”

Princess Onya reportedly added, “I never once considered that people might see [the story hour] as unsafe, because these events are held in a pubic area with parents in the room.”

“I now see that [conservative] groups are using fear and propaganda to scare parents away from bringing their kids.”

Unfortunately, “drag queen storytime” has become a trend in public libraries across the country.

According to HuffPost, which describes the practice as a “colorful concept,” it all began in the totally morally superior (sarcasm) San Francisco in 2015 “and has since become a popular event in New York and Los Angeles.”

For an idea of just how disturbing this is, take a look at the report below. Note how young the children are.

Thankfully, a few sensible people in North Carolina have put their feet down.

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