Netflix Cancellations Jump to EIGHT Times Higher Than Average After “Cuties” Release


Folks, this is the kind of news we love to see.

The internet has been awash with outrage over the release of the film “Cuties” on Netflix this month.

Folks were horrified at the disgusting, overt sexualization of the young girls in the film and word spread like wildfire.

We at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries have long been urging our readers and followers to #CancelNetflix, so we are elated to see that Americans are finally fed up with this sick company!

Variety’s Todd Spangler reports that “A campaign waged against Netflix over Cuties and the film’s sexualized portrayal of children produced a surge in U.S. subscription cancellations over the weekend, according to research company YipitData.”

“Netflix subscriber churn rates began to rise Sept. 10, the day after the release of ‘Cuties’ on Netflix, when the hashtag ‘#CancelNetflix’ was in the top-trending spot on Twitter,” Spangler explained.

He also reveals that “On Saturday, Sept. 12, Netflix’s cancellation rate in the U.S. jumped to nearly eight times higher than the average daily levels recorded in August 2020 — reaching a multiyear high, the data-analytics provider told Variety” (emphasis ours).

“With the #CancelNetflix hashtag continuing to trend on social media, it is possible elevated churn could continue in the coming days, according to the firm,” he adds.

Let that sink in, folks! That’s you and thousands of other concerned citizens leveraging a hashtag to hit Netflix hard for their long history of sexualizing children and profiting from content that is legally defined as child pornography.

Sickeningly, as Spangler noted, “Netflix has defended Cuties, written and directed by award-winning French filmmaker Maïmouna Doucouré, arguing that it is a ‘social commentary’ that makes the case about the dangers of sexualized imagery of young girls.”

“The streamer has urged those who have denounced the film to watch it,” he adds.

Listen. You do not “comment” on the dangers of sexualized imagery of young girls by creating a film sexualizing young girls.

As LifeSite’s Matt Philbin sarcastically notes, “Wait, it’s by an ‘award-winning French filmmaker?’ Well that’s okay then.”

“The country that sheltered Roman Polanski for decades after he skipped his U.S. trial for raping and sodomizing a 13-yr-old girl must have pretty exacting standards for its kiddie porn,” he continues.

“And certainly, it makes sense that if you’re horrified by the thought of twerking 6th-graders, you’d fork over your money to Netflix and an award-winning French filmmaker for the privilege of seeing 6th-graders twerk.”

These people are sick, and they’re kidding themselves if they think a moral people are going to happily accept this pathetic explanation for the sick sexualization of children.

Keep fighting, folks. You can make a difference!

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