Netflix Is Tanking Amid Georgia Boycott, Refusal To Pull Violent and Vulgar Content


If you have been following this page for some time, you will know we have often brought to light the plethora of disgusting and vulgar content Netflix produces and carries. 

Now, however, it appears that, after many long years of producing disgusting and dangerous content, Netflix is hemorrhaging subscribers—and therefore capital—and serious sources question whether or not the company will even survive.

In the last week alone, Netflix’s value has tanked by a whopping $24 billion dollars, according to MovieWeb’s Ryan Scott, who reports:

Things went from extremely bad to a whole lot worse for Netflix over the last few days, as their stock continues to plummet following last week’s worse than expected quarterly report. Over the last week, the company’s stock has tumbled by nearly 20 percent, which has resulted in a $24 billion loss in overall value. Worse still is that things aren’t expected to stabilize just yet and shares are expected to fall even further before there is any real turnaround.

According to several reports, Netflix is now on its longest losing streak in five years. The stock price, as of this writing, is at $317.10 per share. This all has to do with the fact that the company missed its quarterly projections, in terms of subscriber growth, by a wide margin. Abroad, Netflix had expected to add 5 million subscribers. Instead, they only added 2.7 million. In the U.S. things were much worse, as the streaming service lost subscribers, to the tune of 126,000. This was blamed on the recent price increase. No matter the reasoning, Wall Street hasn’t reacted kindly. A day after the numbers were revealed, Netflix lost $17 billion in value and it’s been tumbling downward since.

In other words, Netflix is feeling the stinging consequences of alienating many of its Christian, conservative, and decent would-be subscribers, and this is only the beginning.

As we’ve previously reported, Netflix constantly and inexcusably targets children and teens with its violent, hideously vulgar content. 

In the past, they’ve offered such sick pieces of “entertainment” as Big Mouth, which is practically animated child pornography, The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, made infamous for its teen orgy scene (seriously?!), censored episodes of ‘90s classic Bill Nye the Science Guy made to mesh with today’s gender-bending agenda, and even an absolutely horrifying film that shows an 8-year-old girl masturbating (which Netflix refused to take down, by the way.) 

Then there is the suicide-inspiring 13 Reasons Why, whose first season became notorious for its graphic depictions of sexual assault and teen suicide, so much so that scientists were begging Netflix to remove the series. 

In spite of their attempts at virtue-signaling and offering “trigger warnings” for vulnerable viewers, the series’ second season, released last May, proved to be just as abominable as the first. The latest season feature several gratuitous rape and sexual assault scenes, demonstrating that Netflix is utterly unrepentant for the damage caused by the show’s first season, including the suicides of several young teens who binge-watched the show.

Netflix’s stunning lack of morality isn’t simply limited to its entertainment offerings, however. 

Upon the passing of Georgia’s heartbeat bill that would ban abortions after six weeks gestation, Netflix descended from on high to express its condolences to the women in the state who will be so severely restricted in their ability to murder their children.

In response to the heartbeat bill, Netflix puffed its chest and threatened to cease doing business, including filming its smutty films and shows, within the state.

“We have many women working on productions in Georgia, whose rights, along with millions of others, will be severely restricted by this law. It’s why we will work with the ACLU and others to fight it in court. Given the legislation has not yet been implemented, we’ll continue to film there — while also supporting partners and artists who choose not to. Should it ever come into effect, we’d rethink our entire investment in Georgia,” Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said in a statement to Fox News at the time.

In a petition to be sent to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, however, Personhood Alliance and Georgia Right To Life encouraged those sickened by Netflix to finally take a stand:

What will happen if Christians continue to bend and give in to the ideological demands of the radical left? We have already seen Christians lose their businesses and their jobs for refusing to violate their Christian conscience. We must stand up to these anti-Christian, pro-abortion bullies now or risk greater and greater persecution.

Let’s start by sending Netflix a strong economic message and canceling our subscriptions.

Don’t let Netflix use a single dollar of your hard-earned money to support pro-abortion attacks on the state of Georgia. Join us in cancelling your subscription to Netflix today. [Emphasis theirs]

Amen!! It has taken far too long, but families and individuals are finally saying, “enough!”

Thousands of us have already kicked this immoral company to the curb. What will it take for you to stop giving your hard-earned money to help promote violence, sexual immorality, and abortion? What will it take for you to #CancelNetflix?


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