Netflix Loads New Coronavirus-Inspired Miniseries With Anti-Police Propaganda


As if we needed any more reasons to #CancelNetflix, the streaming giant has recently put forth a miniseries on life in the age of coronavirus with a double helping of anti-police propaganda.

According to Newsbusters, the drama, titled “Social Distance,” was released late last week:

The anti-police narrative begins less than five minutes into the first story, “Delete all Future Events,” in a conversation between a black barber, Ike (Mike Colter), and his black friend, Reggie (Okieriete Onaodowan). Ike mentions he’s afraid to leave his house due to COVID, to which Reggie replies, “Hey, it’s not much safer indoors with that no-knock bulls***. A month ago, I thought the silver lining would be the pigs would chill the f*** out, considering that no one’s going outside, but they still killing us.”

And, of course, being 2020, the dramedy includes a homosexual couple, makes light of casual drug use, and makes light of nearly-pornographic “Zoom-bombing” that has plagued virtual meetings of churches and schools throughout the pandemic.

In the last episode of the series, titled “Pomp and Circumstance,” a boss, John (Ayize Ma’at), and his employee, Corey (Asante Blackk), argue over Black Lives Matter protests following the police death of George Floyd.

The story, transcribed by NewsBusters, features Corey setting up for a graduation party that John’s videography company will be filming, when he asks John if he can leave early to attend a protest. John says no, and the following argument ensues:

Corey: I should have figured.

John: Should have figured what?

Corey: That you would be on the wrong side of history.

John: What you got to tell me about history? You was in diapers when Obama got elected.

Corey: I was seven.

John: See, that’s the problem with y’all’s generation. Y’all think you discovered racism. Man, now ain’t the time. Get back to work.

Corey: I’m sorry, I’m just curious, what is it I’m supposed to do then every time another black person gets murdered by the police? What? Just shrug it off? Not fight back. Sit here and do nothing?

John: What makes you think you’re doing nothing?

Corey: We are setting up a remote graduation for a bunch of rich, privileged, white, private school kids.

John: This is a black-owned business. This is how you fight. You work hard, you learn, and you build something that lasts.

Corey: It’s a little hard to build something that lasts when an officer has his knee on your neck for nine minutes. I mean, the man screamed out for his dead mother.

John: Are the police stopping you from doing your job? Why in the hell you wanna get in these big a** crowds when you know Corona is hitting black people the hardest anyway?

Corey: I’ll wear a mask.

John: Wear a mask for what? So you can fight racism? How you fighting it? Is it going somewhere if you don’t get out there today? Y’all kids ain’t got no strategy. Y’all even thought about a list of demands?

Corey: We demand that they charge the officers that murdered a man in broad daylight. We demand that they defund and dismantle the racist institution of American police. I mean, I could go on all day.

John: Now you’re trippin’. Black people need police.

Corey: I’m tripping? You know the American police force was founded on the idea of slave patrols and the oppression of black lives? Just in case you didn’t know this.

John: What kind of janky-a** history book you get that from? They got police in Kenya. Police in Sweden. Police in Japan. Is that from slave patrols, too? This boy don’t even know what he’s protesting.

Corey: I’m protesting the systematic killing of black people by the state. And you should be, too.

Folks, the left is long past hiding their agenda. It’s out in the open, and “entertainment” like this is how they tell their followers what to think.

We’re done throwing our hard-earned dollars at Netflix. Done.

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