Netflix to Launch “Queer-Friendly” Horror-Comedy Series for Kids With Trans Character, Voice Talent


Netflix has announced an upcoming children’s show based on a series of pro-LGBT, horror-comedy graphic novels, leaving us wondering if the streaming service’s executives consult an Ouija board for their market research.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix announced earlier this month that DeadEndia, a series of graphic novels by comic book artist and animation director Hamish Steele, will be adapted into a new animated kids series set for release next year.

“DeadEndia is set in the space of a theme park and the haunted mansion that resides there,” EW reports, praising the show as a “queer-friendly” new offering for kids. “Barney, Norma, and magical talking-dog Pugsley are trying to balance their summer jobs with facing a barrage of supernatural forces—including demonic game show hosts and sleep-sucking witches. Courtney, a thousand-year-old demon, becomes their guide to the underworld multiplane.”

“DeadEndia is about terrifying demons, vengeful ghosts, and mysterious magic,” Steele said in a statement according to EW. “It is also about coming of age in a world that wasn’t made for you. It’s a drama about found family, identity, and making mistakes. And of course, it’s a laugh-out-loud comedy! I’ve always dreamed of making the show I needed as a lonely, horror-obsessed closeted gay kid and thanks to Netflix and our ridiculously talented, diverse, and representative writers room and crew, we have shot way past my dreams and into wildest fantasy territory!”

EW also notes that Steele has long been praised for his “inclusive characters,” and the animated series will be no different. Norma is neurodiverse, and Barney is transgender, and will be voiced by transgender actor Zach Barack.

DeadEndia as a vulgar animated short that Steele produced in 2014:

At this time, it is not clear if Netflix’s adaptation of DeadEndia will be as lewd as Steele’s 2014 short. Nonetheless, who watches something like that and thinks, “this would make a great kids’ show”?! Sick!

“I’ve been developing this for years and we’re already a year or so into production and like…. I’m soft guys. I’m a showrunner!” Steele said in a recent blog post about the production. “This crew is amazing, the cast is hilarious, the gayness is MIGHTY and hopefully it’ll make next year a little brighter (and spookier).”

As we have frequently reported, Netflix has stood head and shoulders above its peers in the entertainment industry offering sickening shows and films for adults, teens, and young children. These have included an R-rated cartoon originally targeting children, a show in which a gender-confused girl tags along with drag icon RuPaul and is placed in very questionable situations, and a graphic “sex ed” video series co-produced with Vox.

Folks, we simply cannot overstate that there are brazenly demonic forces at work in the entertainment industry. If you grant them access to your children, expect to reap devastating consequences.

Don’t risk it. #CancelNetflix.

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