Nevada Mayor Speaks Out After Attempting To Stop Drag Queen Story Hour


If there is any silver lining to the dangerous trend of “Drag Queen Story Hour” events sweeping the nation’s public libraries, it’s that the highly questionable antics that take place therein are causing people in power to finally speak out against these wicked events.

According to LifeSite News, Ron Smith, mayor of Sparks, Nevada, is shocked and appalled at the news headlines he sees detailing the popular story time events. After unsuccessfully attempting to keep them out of the Washoe County Public Library, he’s bringing awareness to any parents who would consider taking their children to a drag queen-themed library event. 

Upon learning all that takes place in one of these events, including a man flamboyantly and offensively dressed as the female equivalent of “blackface” reading a pro-LGBTQ story to children, answering questions after the story, and posing for photos with the children, Mayor Smith was outraged. 

“It doesn’t make any sense to me,” Smith told the Reno Gazette Journal. “It is absolutely ridiculous. Why would you have transgender people talking to kids?” 

He’s not wrong. As we’ve frequently reported, drag queen story hour and other such events have troublingly poor background-checking practices which have allowed dangerous, convicted sex offenders access to children at these events. One of the more disturbing cases we’ve reported on to date even involved the drag queen in question laying down on the floor while young boys and girls laid on top of him—and that library’s response to the resulting public outrage was to simply delete the photos!

LifeSite News reports:

Such events around the world have drawn controversy for the individuals they’ve put in close proximity to children, such as performers behind X-rated skits involving children’s characters, and for attracting radical transgender protesters. Pro-family advocates also warn that the trend is dangerous for its true goal: indoctrinating children into accepting gender fluidity.

The San Francisco-based Drag Queen Story Hour program describes its express purpose as capturing the “imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood” and giving children “unabashedly queer role models”; while Louisiana drag queen Dylan Pontiff admits the events are about “the grooming of the next generation.”

In light of the stacks of headlines pointing out the dangers of drag queen story hours, Smith contacted Washoe County Library Director Jeff Scott and County Commissioner Vaughn Hartung to cancel the event, but, he continued in his interview with the Gazette Journal, “they told me there is nothing they can do.”

“It is storytime like any other storytime,” Scott claimed in response to Smith’s request. “It is ridiculous and offensive to the LGBTQ community to say that anyone is going to molest children.”

That sounds like someone who clearly needs to do a little further reading, no?

Thankfully, Smith is not a lone wolf in the fight against these types of events in Nevada. “Do you think it is appropriate for county tax dollars to be used on a ‘program’ that exposes kids to such a provocative lifestyle?” The Nevada Family Alliance asked, directing concerned citizens’ attention to the fact that the drag queen story hour is just one prong of the county’s plan to advance the LGBT agenda, including participation in the Reno Gay Pride Parade with their “Cart Drill Team.”

In spite of Mayor Smith’s best efforts, the story hour took place on July 20, drawing “hundreds” of attendees, KOLO reports:

“I’m proud to see the turnout of the counter protesters here versus the anti-gay agenda protesters that are here,” Mike Contos, a Sparks resident, says.

Some opposed say this is too much too soon for children.

“That sends chills up my spine, I don’t believe that should be what we are subjecting our kids to,” Loy Mach, another resident, says.

The Lander family brought their daughter, Trinity to the event. Her parents say this is about teaching her to love everyone.

“She’s kind of at an impressionable age and we thought this was a great opportunity and we will be going to the pride parade next week as well,” Nichole Lander says.

These events offer no net positive to children, even for parents like Lander who want their children to learn “inclusivity” from a young age. At best, they leave the event confused about gender, something so natural and basic that should be so concrete and simple. At worst, they leave the event the victim of a sick pervert who simply slaps on a dress to gain easy access to his prey.

Although Mayor Smith was ultimately unsuccessful in stopping this insidious event, he has brought much-needed credibility and attention to our movement to end Drag Queen Story Hours. 

Please consider reaching out to his office and thanking him for his boldness in standing up to the LGBT mafia, and don’t forget to sign our petition to let the American Library Association know that our voices will only get louder until these wicked events are stopped!


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