New Animated Short Film Geared Toward Children Portrays Two Young Men Who Fall In Love


A short animated film geared toward children of two young boys falling in love has just been released on Youtube and Vimeo, according to A Plus.

The trailer for the film, called “In A Heartbeat”, initially went viral in May and was picked up by numerous liberal outlets such as Huffington Post and Teen Vogue.

The film has been praised as “the future of movies” and portrays two young men who are struggling with their sexuality.

One of the characters, Sherwin, has a heart that is literally popping out of his chest in the film, and he does everything he can to hide it from his classmates and the eye of his affection—another boy named Jonathan.

“When we first started working on this film, we knew that we didn’t want it to be preachy,” the pair of filmmakers previously told HuffPost. “Hopefully it’ll resonate with those who identify with this character — and for those who don’t, we hope they’ll gain an understanding for people who go through this experience.”

The film raised more than $14,000 on its Kickstarter page, which many say is a sign that there’s a need for more LGBTQ animation.

It’s the start of something dangerous, however, as it’s geared toward society’s most vulnerable and normalizes a culture that goes against God’s purpose for human sexuality.

Source: A Plus