New Documentary Highlights The Direct Link Between Abortion And Human Trafficking


The ability of women to have an unimpeded sex life by simply killing any resultant children might be touted as the height of social progress in America, but a new documentary has shed light on a side of abortion that even the most adamant pro-abort cannot deny.

Blind Eyes Opened is an aptly-titled documentary that not only demonstrates the epidemic of sex trafficking in the United States but makes a clear case for the fact that the abortion industry enables trafficking to thrive.

The film, produced by nonprofit Christian film company Ships of Tarshish, debuted with a one-night-only event in over 500 U.S. theaters last week.

Watch the shocking trailer below:

“They can’t admit that there is a connection between sex trafficking and abortion because then that makes abortion part of the problem. I mean abortion is the best thing on the planet for an abuser because it covers up and hides the abuse,” And Then There Were None founder Abby Johnson says in an appearance in the film.

According to LifeSiteNews, the documentary draws direct connections between abortion and sex trafficking, with abortion allowing victims of trafficking to be “used” over and over again.

“They stole my purity, my childhood; the joy you’re supposed to have as a child,” one victim from the film, Edie, is quoted as saying. “There were lots of opportunities for people to see, but they looked the other way.”

The film tells the stories of several survivors whose trafficking began when they were young, many of whose parents were complicit in their being sold for sex.  It is against this dark, heartbreaking backdrop that the film also shines the light of Jesus’ saving power and healing love.

“We absolutely need the church to engage in this crucial battle; but first, followers of Christ have to allow themselves to see the problem, and that’s what this movie aims to do,” said Kerri Rogers, the film’s executive producer and writer. “If we’re going to truly overcome the evil of sex trafficking, hearts have to change; and this only happens through the love of Christ.”


“Once you’ve learned how to recognize human trafficking, you begin to see it everywhere – it’s in every single community,” Geoffrey Rogers, CEO of the US Institute Against Human Trafficking and the documentary’s producer said in a press release according to LifeSite.

“Sex trafficking is one of the prongs in the pro-life area, and it’s one of those things that is really hard for people to wrap their arms around, what is sex trafficking, human trafficking, and this documentary really exposes it to the church, and puts kind of a call to action on the church… this is a huge issue,” said Alexis Walkenstein, President of AWE, Inc. and the film’s public relations representative.

Jason Evert of The Chastity Project called the film “a powerful, heart-wrenching, and reverent exposé of the scourge of human trafficking in America. While showing the prevalence and depravity of the industry, it reminds viewers that hope is stronger than darkness.”

According to the International Labour Organization, there are around 4.8 million people being sexually exploited worldwide, and more than one million of these are children. Thanks to films like Blind Eyes Opened, we don’t have to ignore these victims, pass them by, or pretend they don’t exist.

They are right in our towns, our cities, our communities.

We must help them!

If every reader called on their church to license a screening of Blind Eyes Opened—if the hands and feet of God were called to fight for the “least of these,” there is no end to the work we could do!

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