New Jersey Mayor Takes a Stand Against LGBT Curriculum in Public Schools — “An Affront to God”


America has been overtaken by the demands of the radical LGBT mafia and their forceful push to forsake traditional values and morals in place of their own godless ideology. Leftist politicians are taking up the LGBT cause with zeal,  while conservative representatives don’t seem to be forming a resistance strong enough to be noticed. It’s a breath of fresh air and an encouragement anytime a political figure takes up the fight in defense of morality and righteousness.

A New Jersey mayor has decided to put his foot down and take a stand against LGBT advocates who are pushing school districts all across the country into integrating pro-LGBT curriculum in public schools. 

Mayor Alfonso Cirulli of Barnegat Township did not mince words in his rebuke of this trend, calling the LGBT movement “an affront to almighty God” and saying that anyone who supports “‘unrighteous laws’ will be held accountable.”

Amen to that! 

From CNN:

Barnegat Township Mayor Alfonso Cirulli, a former assistant principal, began Tuesday by condemning a state law that requires LGBTQ-inclusive material be taught in public school. He said the law “crossed over the line into absurdity” and politicians “have no right to promote the LGBT agenda.”

He said, “There is no hate or bigotry intended here,” and that his comments did not represent the Barnegat Township Committee. Barnegat Township’s legislative body is called a committee. The town of about 20,000 is on New Jersey’s south shore.

The tenacity of this New Jersey mayor is especially impressive when you consider that, in January, New Jersey became the second state in the country to officially require public schools to teach “LGBT history” curriculum to vulnerable children.

Naturally, LGBT advocacy group Garden State Equality is calling Cirulli an “outlier” and claims they have a “great working relationship” with the Barnegat school district. Advocacy groups like this should have no “working relationship” with any school district as such sexual ideology has no place in public schools!  

Dr. Brian Lewis, superintendent of the district, said in a letter addressing the situation that the district “will do everything we can to navigate challenges and difficult situations with sensitivity to all members of this Barnegat family,” and that they will be compliant with the law. We appreciate that he chose to be impartial rather than condemning Cirulli for his tough stance against the implementation of LGBT-related materials and lessons.

CNN continues:

Some community members complained to the police department about the mayor’s comments. And at the committee meeting, one woman said she “felt like we were in church just now,” saying an official’s personal beliefs don’t belong in a government forum.

“You can have a belief that two plus two equals five; it doesn’t make it correct,” she said.

Ironic choice of words from a likely opponent of traditional families and a scientific definition of gender. 

Cirulli has said he plans to repeal the law. Now is the time to stand up and speak out. If you live in the Barnegat school district, give them a call at (609) 698-5800 to express your support for Mayor Cirulli. If you live in New Jersey, call your state representatives and tell them you do not support laws requiring children to be indoctrinated by the LGBT agenda in public schools.


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