New Jersey Schools Break Barriers for Transgender Athletes and Totally Disenfranchise Female Athletes


Say it with me now: men and women are inherently different. 

We live in a time when man has been to the moon, we’ve put a rover on Mars, we can communicate with anyone at any time around the planet with a mere swipe of our smartphone, and we’ve mapped the human genome.

And yet, speaking of genomes, we have to consistently remind crazy people that genes determine gender and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to change this.

Even worse, there are many people out there who believe that anyone should be treated as the gender of their choosing, even if that gender identity fluctuates every day.

Some of these people apparently belong to the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, who have decided that school children should be allowed to compete in sports according to the gender of their choosing, even if they have no formal diagnoses of gender dysphoria. 

As The Blaze explains, “Therefore, if a biologically male student-athlete says he identifies as a female, he must be allowed to compete in the girls sports, and vice versa. Previously, medical consultation was required for transgender students to compete outside their biological gender.”

There are only a few simple rules: first, the student must choose to compete in sports designated for one gender or the other, not both at the same time. Second, in the event that the safety of the other students might be threatened the school may appeal the student’s decision, and third, students may not switch genders (ugh) mid-season.

That’s it.

“NJSIAA has a duty to address major issues impacting the student-athletes we represent,” NJSIAA Executive Director Steven Timko said in a statement. “This policy simply states that we allow the student-athlete to compete in accordance with their identified gender.”

Steve Goodell, a lawyer for the NJSIAA, said this decision came about after some complained that the requirement for medical proof of a student athlete’s transgenderism was unfair.

“They didn’t like the idea of someone having to prove the transgender status,” he said. “They really made a convincing case that this is not something the students are making up to try to game the system.”

How on earth that seemed convincing to Goodell and the NJSIAA one will never know, but regardless, they’ve changed their policy to accommodate every gender confused boy and girl out there, and, in the process, completely disenfranchise female athletes.

As Howard Zeiger from The Stream explains, “Women will, in effect, be pushed out of competition because they were born with female bodies. Does that make any sense? As Jeff Jacobs asks in his thoughtful article in the Hartford Courant, ‘What do we tell these girls? A transgender’s journey is more important than your journey?’”

That’s exactly it–the original dream of feminism, to give women a chance to play sports or excel in the career world has now been replaced with the normalization of a mental illness and biological females are quickly being pushed aside. How anti-feminist is that?

Being a female isn’t a biological condition, and while the Bible does tell us that a woman is best suited to care for her home and family, there is also no reason women can’t have the opportunity to play sports with other women and compete against athletes that pose fair competition to them. That is, against other women. 

We need to stand up for our girls! If you live in New Jersey, contact the NJSIAA and let them know that their new policy is completely unfair to the aspiring athletes of your state!