New Law Being Proposed In Delaware Says Kids Can Pick Gender


Progressive insanity is continuing to run amok across the country, not only infecting popular culture like film and television, but also schools and local governments as well.

One of the ideas that seems to be infecting the culture at large and leading us in the opposite direction from reason and truth is the normalization of transgenderism.

This is the latest pet cause of the left who have succeeded in their goals for same-sex marriage and have thus moved on to transgenderism and it seems the left is setting their sights on indoctrination of children as the primary method of transmitting their worldview.

We’ve seen countless stories of schools forcing sexual education on young children, doing their best to convince them they can pick what gender they want to be and all sorts of other things that will no doubt leave them troubled and confused.

Now the government in Delaware is trying to mix in by creating a law that puts them between you and your child on the issue of gender.

Check out this message being sent out by Nicole Theis, President of the Delaware Family Policy Council:

Regulation 225 allows your child to be taught that his gender and race is whatever he thinks and feels it should be AND that being transgender is normal.

Senate Bill 65 (SB 65) is a proposed law in Delaware that says if your child develops confusion about his/her identity, the ONLY licensed professional counseling your child can get is that which promotes a homosexual or transgender identity and helps him or her transition to the opposite gender (lines 117-119).

If a teen has sexual feelings towards a pre-pubescent child of the same sex (pedopheliac feelings), SB 65 would prohibit a therapist from working with the teen to reduce or eliminate those feelings (line 116).

ANY discussion (even a conversation) between a licensed professional and your child that affirms your child’s biological reality and helps him or her align with his or her faith and moral beliefs WILL BE BANNED (line 114).

ANY licensed professional who helps a minor child in this way or refers a family for help outside of the state would have their professional license revoked (line 139).

As many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.

It’s terrifying to think how much the government wants to push boys and girls to no longer be boys and girls and define their whole identity around their own feelings. Not to mention how scary it is that the government is attempting to prevent parents from getting the help their kids actually need to deal with this pervasive mental illness.

Transgenderism is actually gender dysphoria, a known mental illness, and it is something like depression and anxiety that needs treatment not behavior to be encouraged.

To support and encourage a law like this is child abuse, pure and simple.

For those interested in getting involved on this issue and oppose the measure being proposed, you can email those responsible for the legislation and urge them to vote no by visiting the following link and sending them an email.