New Montreal Pool to Have One “Gender-Neutral” Changing Room


The pursuit to achieve full progressive social enlightenment is in full swing in Montreal, Canada. In an effort to prove just how “inclusive” and woke the city really is, a new city pool will be doing away with gender-specific changing rooms. It was only a matter of time before this level of “social progress” was achieved. 

As Paul Joseph Watson put it, what could possibly go wrong?

Watson reports for Summit News:

The Rosemont Aquatic Complex, which is set to open next year, announced the new policy on its website.

According to Nathalie Goulet, head of social inclusion for the executive committee of the City of Montreal, making boys, girls, men, women, transgender and “non-binary” people all change in the same room is a benchmark of “social innovation.”

The facility will include “3 open showers with soap,” although “no nudity” will be allowed apart from in closed change rooms, showers or bathroom stalls.

The pool claims that the changes will help “maximize user safety,” although some respondents said it will only create an incentive for sexual predators.

There is nothing innovative about doing away with safe spaces for women and children for the sake of inclusivity. It’s remarkably irresponsible and dangerous. To claim this will somehow “maximize user safety” is just downright foolish. It’s hard to believe the person who said that even believes it; how could they?

While public pools are natural magnets for sexual predators, the Rosemont Aquatic Complex is sending out a homing beacon. What could be more tempting to a sexual predator than a gender-neutral changing area complete with showers? Especially now that supposed transgender people like Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv have all but been given carte blanche in Canada to harass underage girls, attempt to host topless pool parties with children and adults, and lob human rights lawsuits at anyone who gives them the slightest pushback?

They say no nudity will be allowed, but we are, of course, talking about a pool here. Bathing suits are already not very far off from being nude. Forcing women and children to shower with half-naked men while they are already half-naked themselves is completely inappropriate, to say the least, and to say there will be no nudity allowed is a pathetically feeble attempt to quell justifiable concerns.

There is a very good reason why many pool facilities require women to enter a security code to get into the women’s changing rooms: to protect them from potential predators while they shower and change.

“Men and women/children need to have separate spaces, not only for modesty and privacy sake but for basic security,” said one respondent quoted by Summit News. “Obviously women and children are the general target of male perverts and rapists. This Montreal pool sounds like a paradise for perverts.” They are absolutely right. 

Another respondent predicted it will only take “1 day” for the first sexual assault incident to occur. We hope they are wrong, but it isn’t likely.

How long before this kind of “social innovation” makes its way to America?


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