New Records Reveal Obama FDA Purchased Heads, Liver, Thymuses of Aborted Fetuses


Scores of pages of documents on the Obama-era Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “humanized mice” research has been released to government watchdog group Judicial Watch including communications with the private human fetal tissue provider, Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR).

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in 2019 against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the agency of which the FDA is a part, Life News reports.

The suit sought all contracts and documentation relating to the funding for and procurement of the purchase of human fetal tissue and body parts for the FDA’s research as well as all communication between the agency and ABR.

A federal court opposed the FDA’s redaction of some of the information which would have been brought forward in the suit and ordered the release of the pertinent documents relating to the purchase of harvested aborted fetal tissue which included “line item prices,” or how much the federal government paid ABR for each specimen of unborn human baby.

Previous documents released as part of Judicial Watch’s lawsuit revealed that the government sought specimens of aborted human remains that were “fresh and never frozen.”

Life News notes that the court also found “reason to question” the federal legality of the purchases.

The details of the newly-released records are stomach-churning.

Life News reports:

Costs are estimated [for the fetal parts] at $230 per tissue x two tissues per shipment = $460 plus $95 shipping = $555 per shipment. A total of 21 shipments = $11,655.00.

An April 1, 2013, “Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract” form that shows the FDA purchased fetal livers and thymuses from ABR going back to at least October 2012, billing $580 per liver/thymus set, but later paying a unit price of $685.

In a September 9, 2014, “Order for Supplies or Services,” the FDA writes regarding a $9,900 order:

The Contractors shall ship 2nd Trimester thymus $325, 2nd Trimester liver $325. Overnight deliver $150 and EFT wire transfer fee $25, for a total per delivery of $825. Total of this contract not to exceed $9,900.00.

As the result of an August 21, 2015, “Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract,” ABR bumped up the price of baby livers and thymuses from $325 each to $340 each.

A “Tissue Acquisition Quote” sent by ABR to Howard on July 5, 2017, provided a quote of $5,440 each to provide 16 sets of second trimester (16-24 weeks) livers and 16 sets of second trimester (16-24 weeks) thymuses at $340 per “sample.” The request for the quote notes that “tissue known to be positive for HIV, HepA, HepB, HepC or chromosomal abnormalities are not acceptable.”

In 2017, an FDA contract specialist sent ABR a “statement of needs” which requested a quote for the price of specimens from aborted babies between 16-24 weeks gestation. For reference, babies born as young as 24 weeks gestation can survive and babies as young as 22 weeks have survived.

“The HM [humanized mice] are created by surgical implantations of human tissue into mice that have multiple genetic mutations that block the development of the mouse immune system at a very early stage,” the document read. “The absence of the mouse immune system allows the human tissues to grow and develop into functional human tissues…. In order for the humanization to proceed correctly we need to obtain fetal tissue with a specific set of specialized characteristics.”

“Chopping up aborted human beings for their organs and tissue is a moral and legal outrage,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “This issue should be front and center in any debate about America’s barbaric abortion industry.”

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