New Star Wars Movie Censors Lesbian Kiss For Middle East Theaters

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker screen grab CR: Lucasfilm

Looks like Disney has angered the LGBT inclusivity police yet again!

Earlier this week, we reported that the studio had angered both LGBT advocates and opponents when its latest blockbuster, Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker, featured the franchise’s very first same-sex kiss.

While LGBT advocates were distraught to find that director J.J. Abrams didn’t deliver on the loud-and-proud gay main characters they were hoping for, conservatives and Christians were annoyed to see yet another cultural icon cave to the leftist demands for more LGBT representation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film features a celebration scene in which two minor female characters share a brief, exuberant kiss.

While Disney was happy to pander to the LGBT minority in its Western markets, their marketing of the final Skywalker Saga installment for countries in the Middle East was markedly different.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter states that viewers in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates were surprised to find that the kiss had been edited out of the film.

“Given that the United Arab Emirates is largely more tolerant than its neighbors when it comes to film censorship and Dubai’s status as the regional hub for the entertainment industry, it is thought that this cut will be replicated across the Middle East,” the Hollywood Reporter adds.

The irony of the situation reaches its peak when we find that LGBT advocates are furious over the censorship of the split-second kiss they didn’t consider to be sufficient representation in the first place:

Of course GLAAD, who was perhaps the biggest voice calling for Abrams to shoehorn in some openly gay characters, has offered nothing but crickets about the scene’s removal for Middle Eastern markets.

One can’t help but wonder why Disney was apparently willing to provide an alternative cut of the film to its Middle Eastern viewers, yet Western viewers morally opposed to homosexuality are expected to just shut up and fork over our money at the box office.

Clearly, this is not about values or “inclusivity,” and it never was—least of all inclusivity of the many people who object to LGBT lifestyles. This is what virtue-signaling looks like, people.

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