New Study Reveals Conservative Students Are More Afraid To Speak Out On Campus


Conservative college students don’t feel free to express their opinions on college campuses, according to a new study reported by Hello Christian.

The study, done by Heterodox Academy, found that conservative students are much more hesitant to speak out about politics in a public setting than liberal students are.

Well, uh… duh.


The report suggested conservatives were reluctant about engaging in conversations pertaining to race, gender, and politics, amongst other controversial topics.

“When comparing Conservatives to Liberals, all of these differences were statistically significant. This pattern of results tended to hold when comparing Moderates to Liberals, although there were some comparisons where the differences did not attain statistical significance.”

Conservative students additionally expressed fear that they’d suffer bad grades if they spoke up about their political beliefs in the classroom.

“The survey finds that Republicans’ attitudes about the effect of colleges and universities have changed dramatically over a relatively short period of time,” the Pew study said.

The study also exposed a significant gap in the feelings that Republicans and Democrats have towards the academic community in general.

While 65 percent—nearly two-thirds—of Republicans said universities are having a negative impact, only 43 percent of moderates and liberals thought the same.

Source: Hello Christian