New Videos Surface of Kentucky High School Where Teen Boys in Lingerie Gave Lap Dances to Staffers


Administrators at a Hazard, Kentucky high school have received nationwide backlash after a group of teen boys not only appeared at an assembly in scantily clad drag apparel but gave lap dances to staffers.

Now, it appears that despite an initial response from the school district that this was the first incident of its kind, such displays have occurred previously.

In the initial viral photos, the adult onlookers, who also happened to be school administrators, including the principal, who also happens to be the town’s mayor.

The stunt was part of Hazard High School’s homecoming week and shocking photos of the adult staffers grinning as the young men danced seductively for them quickly went viral after being posted to a school social media account.

The Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok drew attention to the unsettling performance this week, drawing swift backlash across the country, including from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

“There’s principals and there’s the superintendent, then there’s the Kentucky Department of Education. They need to take appropriate action and ensure this will never happen again,” the Democratic governor said, according to WTVQ. “There’s another thing they need to do. That’s that they need to be talking to these students, that this isn’t something that is normalized in their mind, that they think is something that is okay in school.”

The school district superintendent released an explanatory statement in response to the attention the photos received, stating that she had launched an investigation and apologizing that the incident took place.

Superintendent Sandra Combs also underscored that the creativity the school district strives to foster had been “carried too far” by students and that proper disciplinary action for personnel and students was being considered.

Interestingly, she also noted that the district will be providing “social media training” for students and staff.

“In today’s society students must understand that anything posted online is permanent!” she wrote.

“It is there on public display for everyone to see and share around the globe,” she continued. “We would hate to see a single youthful indiscretion haunt one of our children for their entire life.”

She also noted that the school has a “dress code” that ought to be obeyed at all times.

Combs makes no mention of the sexual nature of the students’ lap dances nor the adults who failed to do anything to stop the grotesque display. And while she indicated at length that this was an unprecedented event, USA Today reported Friday that it appears similarly inappropriate skits have taken place at Hazard schools previously.

In one video shared to Instagram in 2017, according to the Courier Journal, “shows one male student — dressed in a bra, shorts and wig — grinding on two other male students who sat in chairs in the middle of the gym, while a fourth student simultaneously throws a wad of what looks like cash into the air.”

“The background of the gym and the logo on its floor are the same as the photos shared this week, and the video was posted by a former Hazard High student,” the outlet noted.

In another video, a young man in a dress and wig dances provocatively to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and rubs his hands on Principal/Mayor Donald “Happy” Mobelini’s chest as the adult appears to enjoy the spectacle.

So now the question remains, how long has this been going on, and who, exactly, is going to be held accountable for encouraging students to degrade themselves to the delight of the adults who are supposed to be responsible for their education?

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