New York Becomes First State To Ban Cat Declawing, Still Allows Abortion Up Until Birth


As we at Activist Mommy have previously reported, New York is not exactly a bastion of personal liberty—unless, of course, you want the liberty to earn a living as a prostitute or hire a hitman to murder your unborn child.

In one of their most insanely ironic pieces of legislation, New York officially banned the practice of declawing pet cats for nonmedical reasons, a procedure already illegal in several countries and considered torturous and barbaric by animal rights activists.

Breitbart reports:

Declawing is an operation that involves the entire or partial amputation of bones in a cat’s front feet.

The practice is common in the United States where pet owners often do it to stop themselves from being scratched or to protect their furniture.

But the New York bill says it can cause cats severe pain and psychological disorders and can also lead to the early onset of arthritis.

“Victory!” tweeted People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights group, following the governor’s announcement.

Declawing, formally known as onychectomy, is banned in most European countries including Britain and Switzerland.

The practice is prohibited in several cities in California, according to the bill, but New York is the first to implement a state-wide ban.

The ban was lauded by several members of the state legislature, including Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris, who said, “Cat declawing is a brutal procedure similar to severing a human finger at the first knuckle and has lifelong ramifications for cats. I am proud of the new Senate majority’s emphasis on animal welfare and am glad the Governor enacted this legislation.” 

Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal echoed the praise of the new law, saying, “Today, New York becomes the first state in the nation to ban cat declawing. Declawing is cruelty, plain and simple, and with so many low-cost and pain-free alternatives available, there is no reason to allow this barbaric practice to continue, not here in New York or anywhere. It’s a wonderful day for the cats of the state and the people who love them. Now that my bill has become law, New York has been catapulted onto the leaderboard of humane states, and we expect other states to quickly follow in our footsteps.”

In a statement following his signing of the bill, Governor Andrew Cuomo had this to say:

Declawing is a cruel and painful procedure that can create physical and behavioral problems for helpless animals, and today it stops. 

By banning this archaic practice, we will ensure that animals are no longer subjected to these inhumane and unnecessary procedures.

“A cruel and painful procedure,” you say, Governor Cuomo? Not unlike the unthinkably violent process of dismembering a developing baby, crushing its skull, vacuum-extracting its brain, starving it of nutrients, or burning it alive with saline, all while it fully experiences this horrific pain?

The irony here is painful and nearly unbearable. New York’s highest elected authorities jump at the chance to save cats from a cosmetic surgical procedure with the same readiness they remove all legal protections for human children in the womb.

If you live in New York State, please reach out to your state senator and assemblyperson to respectfully let them know that, if we are so eager to protect feline lives, we must be all the more willing to put an end to the wholesale slaughter of innocent human lives!

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