New York Now Offers Third “X” Option for “Sex” on Drivers’ Licenses

Photo by Marco Verch Professional Photographer Some Rights Reserved4

As of last week, motorists in New York can now select a third “X” option on their drivers’ license applications where it lists the driver’s sex.

This was celebrated by Governor Kathy Hochul, who called the change a “historic” change in honor of the state’s LGBT community.

“Every person, regardless of their gender identity or expression, deserves to have an identity document that reflects who they are…My administration remains committed to ensuring that New York is a place of value, love and belonging for members of the LGBTQ+ community,” she wrote on Twitter.

She included a sample copy of the new drivers’ licenses, which lists “X” next to “sex.”

The state’s Department of Motor Vehicles also celebrated the new sex options in a tweet.

The New York Post notes that Pennsylvania and Oregon already have the third “X” option on their birth certificates.

Queens district leader and transgender activist Emilia Decaudin welcomed the move, saying that it will prevent transgender people from being discriminated against.

Decaudin said that other possible solutions for such an aim could include better training for police and other public servants — or simply removing sex from public documents altogether.

“It does it raise the question about why we need gender on gov IDs at all?” Decaudin said.

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