New York Parents Fight Back After Religious Vaccine Exemptions Repealed


A draconian move by the New York State legislature to remove religious exemptions to vaccination for school children back in June has sparked a massive backlash from parents and faith-based groups in the state.

As we have previously reported, lawsuits from Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and others swiftly followed New York’s decision to become the fifth state to end exemptions for its residents who object to vaccinating their children due to religious beliefs.

While vaccinations are only required by law for children who attend public and private schools, as well as some daycares and learning centers, parents who sincerely object to some or all vaccinations are now compelled by the state to either homeschool or move.

At the head of the multi-pronged effort to fight the exemption repeal through the court system is Michael Sussman, an accomplished civil rights attorney with CHD. 

According to his frequent updates on Facebook,  one of Mr. Sussman’s primary arguments is that many of the New York state legislators who favored the repeal expressed hostility to religion in their arguments. 

I read below that many are discouraged that the courts have not intervened and enjoined the religious repeal. Some…

Posted by Michael Sussman on Friday, September 6, 2019

However, Sussman, CHD, and others know that they are on a tremendous uphill battle, especially in light of the fact that courts have consistently upheld school vaccine mandates as constitutional for over a hundred years. New York upheld its vaccination mandate back in 1904. The Supreme Court of the United States upheld vaccine mandates in 1922. In 2015, the federal Second Court of Appeals said that religious exemptions are not required as a part of any state’s mandatory vaccination laws.

While the families of tens of thousands of children in New York who relied on religious exemptions to exercise both their rights to an education and to the free exercise of religion are scrambling as they await results from the handful of lawsuits challenging the repeal, some of these mama bears (and papa bears) are beginning to act. 

According to The Journal News, parents like Ariane Biancardi, who owns an accounting business on Long Island, are willing to leave their entire lives behind in order to obey their convictions and protect her children. 

“I would do anything I need to do to protect my children,” Biancardi said. “Leave my life behind, leave my friends behind, my family behind, my businesses behind in order to protect my children.”

In an effort to force the hand of the New York State Board of Regents to intervene in the situation at a meeting scheduled for this past Monday, hundreds of activists visited the capitol to make their presence, and that of the estimated 26,000 now-displaced school children, known:


Posted by Emily Marie on Monday, September 9, 2019

In spite of New York’s grassroots activists placing hundreds of phone calls to the Board of Regents ahead of the public meeting, demonstrators discovered that the Regents did not place the issue of addressing the displaced students on their agenda for that meeting and attempted to block them from the building.

That didn’t stop these demonstrators:

Posted by New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights on Monday, September 9, 2019

Although the rally at the Regents meeting did not yield desired results, you cannot deny that something in these families has been ignited—they have woken up and are fighting for their rights!

We all know vaccination is a hot-button issue, but every American should be able to agree to the fact that a family and their doctor knows what is best for each individual child, not the government.  

We at Activist Mommy stand with the warrior parents of New York, California, Maine, and every other state whose government thinks it knows better than doctors and parents. 

Please continue to pray for the hearts of those in power in this nation. If they are not challenged in their attempt to wield power over what we put into our bodies, they surely will not stop there.

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