New York Pride Parade Features “Thank God for Abortion” Float


It appears that in the pro-abort desperation to apply some kind of moral significance to the “right” of women to rip their unborn children from their wombs, the left is attempting to paint this barbaric practice as somehow divinely blessed.

Earlier this week we heard about comedienne Michelle Wolf’s tribute to abortion and proud declaration of “God bless abortion and God bless America,” and it appears she’s not the only one who tries to pull God into the fight for abortion “rights.”

A float in the New York pride parade last month celebrated infanticide under the banner of “God bless abortion”, according to The Daily Wire:

Queer feminist and abortion-on-demand activist Viva Ruiz is “excited” to bring “joy” and God into the abortion debate — on the side of pro-aborts.

Ruiz created an organization called “Thank God for Abortion” back in 2015 and took her widening faction of the intersectional feminist movement to this year’s NYC LGBT Pride parade on June 24.

Abortion, says Ruiz, is a “basic human right” that “intersects” with queer rights. The feminist is proud to have had two abortions and says she’s Catholic.

“If people with uteruses don’t have access to abortion, we’re not having a sexual liberation,” she told feminist site Jezebel. “And we’re all f***ing; and we’re past a binary.”

“I’m a person who’s had two abortions,” she continued. “I did not see my experience in the landscape of the conversation.”

This is not an uncommon tactic for the left on any major conflict between biblical morality and secular morality, like gay marriage and abortion.

In this day and age, much of the world sorely misunderstands how morality is determined. If you’re an atheist and you claim to derive your values from moral relativism, fine. But as soon as you cross over into trying to claim the God of the Bible would defend your views because feelings, you subject yourself to scrutiny against the infallible Word of God.

Sadly, the majority of these people’s audience is biblically illiterate, and they do not care to change this. Rather their ears are itching for any excuse to justify the sins they most likely know, deep down, will subject them to eternal judgment.

But you can’t escape God’s judgment by justifying your actions on earth. Only Christ can justify your sin, if you repent of it and turn to Him.

And trust me…He is definitely not who you need to thank for abortion.