News Station Fakes Anti-Gay Slur To Smear Traditional Marriage Advocates


When the mainstream media wants to get a point across, they will continue beating us over the head with it until it’s accepted.

For a recent example, we need to look no further than the firestorm that emerged in the wake of President Donald Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville.

Trump’s words were twisted beyond belief, and they were frequently taken out of context to fit the preferred narrative of the day. The discussion dominated the media landscape for days on end, and they were somewhat successful in getting their point across yet again.

While many folks were able to see through the media’s transparent narrative shaping, there were also folks that did not. That’s what the media relies on: if they can pull a few more over to their side, that’s checked off as a win.

For the rest of us, it’s disturbing and unsettling. A media that’s supposed to be there to educate and enlighten us has essentially turned into a propaganda arm of the Left. Here’s another example of how that’s playing out, this time courtesy of our friends Down Under.

Channel 10 in Australia made a big deal out of an anti-marriage equality poster that it allegedly spotted at a Melbourne bus stop. Marriage equality has been a big topic of debate down in the country, and the poster was presented as a clear sign that discrimination was standing in the way of equality for all. Except there was a big problem with the network’s story.

As shares, “Channel 10 has admitted to the cardinal sin of journalism: photoshopping an image of the poster onto a stock image of a bus stop in Europe, to use in its television coverage of the issue.”

Fear not. The network had a statement at the ready to explain it away.

“This was not a deliberate attempt to mislead our audience, but a creative error which we regret,” the statement read in part, according to

Then what exactly was it? If you present a piece of evidence to support your claims, and then that evidence turns out to be fake, your credibility is destroyed.

Thankfully, this one was caught, but it really makes you stop and think. How many egregious forms of deception from broadcasters are not caught?