NFL Celebrates “LGBT History Month,” Encourages Players to Come Out


For the last few years, the NFL has been walking a rather difficult line between full acquiescence to woke capitalist culture and the desire of its thousands of fans who tune in not to be lectured on a controversial, complex social issue, but to watch some good, old-fashioned American football.

2020 is certainly the year they’ve decided, once and for all, to go all-in for woke.

In the midst of a season peppered with gratuitous homages to the ideologically radical Black Lives Matter movement, the league is now celebrating “LGBT History Month” and “National Coming Out Day,” the Christian News Network reports.

LGBT History Month, not to be confused with LGBT Pride Month in June, is the month of October, and is being honored by the NFL television network, through an op-ed on the league’s Pride website, and releasing a PSA video for “National Coming Out Day” featuring retired players who have since come out and expressing support for any current players who may wish to do so.

“The LGBTQ+ community is an important audience for our sport and a critical part of the NFL family,” Jonathan Beane, the league’s chief diversity officer, said in a statement. “We continually strive to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.”

The PSA features Ryan O’Callaghan, Jeff Rohrer, R.K. Russell and Wade Davis, players who have come out as homosexual or bisexual as well as current players Anthony Barr, Rob Gronkowski, Deandre Hopkins and Dalton Risner, who express their support for the LGBT lifestyle and any players who want to come out.

“To all current players who are thinking of coming out, when you are ready, so are we,” the men state. “I support you. … We got you.”

The video aired on FOX before a game on October 11th as well as being posted to YouTube.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent echoed the same sentiment in an op-ed titled “The NFL is Ready for Its First Openly Out Active Player,” where he identified himself as a Christian who is “committed to celebrate, support, and welcome” any players who come out as identifying as a homosexual.

He does note this has yet to happen.

“The National Football League condemns homophobia,” he explained. “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our sport. There is no place for harassment, heteronormative language or ignorant terminology,” he wrote. “Our ‘It Takes All of Us’ mindset includes supporting and celebrating openly LGBTQ+ players and personnel as well as allies across the league.”

“Anyone in the player community who may be considering coming out, know this: Just as I have done with family members and close friends, I am committed to serving as a conduit to help you through that journey — either myself, in collaboration with my teammates at the league office, or through the many organizations with whom we partner on LGBTQ+ issues,” Vincent said.

The league also announced they had expanded their partnerships with the LGBT organizations GLAAD and The Trevor Project.

NFL leadership, like much of contemporary American society, sorely misses the difference between loving on and supporting someone and affirming a certain sexual lifestyle. The league no doubt also has many players—to say nothing of viewers—who openly identify as biblically Christian and do not believe that alternative sexual lifestyles are something that should be promoted.

Why must players and viewers be now forced to choose between a broadly-appealing game of football and values-based ideology that leaves Christians and conservatives in the dust?

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