NHS Psychologists Diagnosing Gender Dysphoria In Kids As Young As Three, Afraid Of Being Labeled “Transphobic”


Anyone with an ounce of common sense could have foreseen this latest backlash in trans-mania sweeping the world’s medical communities.

According to The Daily Mail, the UK’s National Health Service has seen startling numbers of psychologists resign from the country’s “gender identity clinics” in recent years.

Those that remain, however, are diagnosing children in droves—some as young as three—and massively overprescribing dangerous hormones and puberty blockers, all out of fear of being branded “transphobic.”

In anonymous interviews with The Mail, six former clinicians expressed fear that masses of children are having their hormones “warped” at London’s infamous Tavistock gender clinic.

These six are just a fraction of the 35 psychologists who have resigned from London’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust since 2016.

Tavistock statistics show that the clinic, which has strongly rejected claims that it fast-tracks children into “transitioning,” has seen an exponential increase in referrals for its services:

Data shows the number of children treated at the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) has exploded by more than thirty times in a decade - from 77 to 2,590

The GIDS in Camden, north London, “treats” children under 18 and, in some cases, those as young as three years old, the Mail states. 2018 saw a staggering 2,590 patients referred, compared with just 77 patients a decade ago.

One anonymous psychologist told Sky News, “Our fears are that young people are being over-diagnosed and then over-medicalised.”

“We are extremely concerned about the consequences for young people,” the psychologist continued. “For those of us who previously worked in the service, we fear that we have had front row seats to a medical scandal.”

“The alarm started ringing for me,” another psychologist said. “I didn’t feel able to voice my concerns, or when I did I was often shut down by other affirmative clinicians. Looking back there are young people who I now wouldn’t necessarily put on medication.”

As we’ve previously reported, these drugs can cause life-shattering health issues, yet doctors in the UK and worldwide are shoving them down the throats of even their youngest patients. This is the logical conclusion of leftist insanity. What does it matter if we are quite literally maiming children as long as we affirm their imaginary “gender identity,” right?

The fact that Tavistock and similar clinics have seen massive increases in referrals is no surprise either, given the “social contagion” factor of transgenderism.

Last spring, we reported on the phenomenon of children experiencing “rapid onset gender dysphoria” and picking on children who do not identify as any letter in the LGBT+ alphabet soup:

Brown University’s Lisa Littman found that so-called “social contagion” might be a factor given the statistics demonstrating that girls were more likely to have “rapid onset gender dysphoria” if they had a friend or classmate who did.

Parents also noticed that their children became more popular, gained more social media followers, and received plenty of praise after coming out as transgender. “Being trans is a gold star in the eyes of other teens,” a parent featured in Littman’s work said.

And, as we have pointed out, the unabashedly pro-LGBT curriculum British children are forced to absorb in school is only compounding the problem.

Folks, transgender “treatment” is nothing more than a massive medical experiment. This is not evidence-based medicine, this is a sociopolitical agenda flexing its grip on the scientific community.

How many children need to have their lives destroyed until we wake up??

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