NHS Will Allow Bio Male Patients In Female Wards As Long As They Identify As Trans


With the wholesale acceptance of transgenderism as a perfectly valid form of self-expression has come the unexpected consequence of the rights and safety of people who aren’t gender-confused, particularly women, being cast aside. 

We are already seeing this hideous outcome picking up speed in women’s sports, and it is gaining traction in more critical areas like emergency housing and public accommodations and bathrooms.

Now, the NHS is taking things to a whole new level with its updated policies on accommodating transgender and “non-binary” patients in UK hospitals: literally any person need only verbally identify themselves as their preferred gender to be housed according to that gender.

No hormones, no surgery, just the simple declaration of gender identity (and maybe an outfit to match) is all that is needed for a biological man to find himself accommodated in any female-specific part of any NHS facility.

No exaggeration here, folks. Read for yourselves.

Breitbart reports:

New NHS guidance stipulates that hospitals should accommodate transgenders “according to their presentation” — i.e., “the way they dress and the name and pronouns” they use. It adds this does not depend on whether they have legally changed their gender and “may not always accord with the physical sex appearance of the chest or genitalia”.

The guidance, entitled Delivering Same-Sex Accommodation, reiterates those who have undergone transition “should be accommodated according to their gender presentation. Different genital or breast sex appearance is not a bar to this.” (emphasis original.)

If a person’s “presented gender” is not immediately observable, admission and triage staff should “ask discreetly where the person would be most comfortably accommodated. They should then comply with the patient’s preference immediately, or as soon as practicable.”

“Non-binary individuals, who do not identify as being male or female, should also be asked discreetly about their preferences, and allocated to the male or female ward according to their choice,” the document adds.

How utterly insane! How can this possibly end well?

According to a report from The Telegraph, Dr. Nicola Williams of Fair Play For Women “the privacy and dignity of women goes out the window” under these “shocking” new guidelines.

“There has been no consideration for the needs of women in this guidance at all,” Dr. Williams added.

Oddly enough, the guidance document specifies that opposite-sex accommodations are still prohibited, i.e. a man who identifies as a man cannot shack up in a female ward of any NHS facility or use female bathrooms. Those are perfectly rational rules, but that rationality is tossed to the wind with speed and fervor all in the name of inclusivity and “progress.” 

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