Nick Vujicic Establishes Pro-Life Financial Institution In Light of Most Banks Donating to Planned Parenthood


Nick Vujicic, a pro-life evangelist born without arms and legs, is starting a pro-life bank in light of the fact that a vast number of financial institutions donate profits to abortion providers and pro-abortion activists.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Vujicic recalled his shock upon learning just how many banks donate money to Planned Parenthood and other “reproductive rights” advocacy groups.

Vujicic believes more followers of Christ can be doing much more to stop their dollars from supporting abortion behemoths. With experience in the finance industry, Vujicic teamed up with Betsy Gray, the executive director of Network Medical Women’s Center to create ProLife Bank, a bank that donates to deserving, life-affirming charities.

“Most banks — 90%, in fact — give philanthropically toward abortion,” Vujicic told The Post.

He described the new bank as a “for-giving” bank that will donate half of its net profits to “Judeo-Christian-aligned nonprofit organizations to further the Kingdom of God.”

“Just like Noah’s saved lives, so we’re going to save lives with ProLife Bank,” Vujicic declared. “It’s based on the understanding that God wants to take back His role and redistribute it through His faithful students.”

The idea to develop a pro-life bank began back in 2019 when Vujicic received a letter from a major bank informing him that the institution did not want to affiliate with him or his business. Later, he learned that bank donates to pro-abortion groups.

The Post reports:

So when presented with the idea of a pro-life bank, he was intrigued — but asked Gray to give him three months to pray with his wife over the decision. During those three months, the father-of-four shared, he faced spiritual assault like never before.

“My world turned upside down,” he recalled. “We had a grenade at our house; I had a false article published in a gay magazine that I fired someone from being gay. I had a lawsuit threat against me by somebody internationally. I had a spy drone above my house, and I got kicked out of a bank, all within a matter of 16 weeks after that prayer.”

“After three weeks of research, our board treasurer was quite shocked to report: there was NOT such a bank in our city,” Gray said. “After much lamenting and prayer, I felt called by God to start a pro-life bank that not only supports the lives of unborn children but also is aligned with all of God’s principles – and ProLifeBank was born.”

Now, Vujicic says he wants to “rattle the cages of the Church” on the holocaust of the unborn.

“I think America is going to have a rude awakening,” he told the outlet. “Those of us who don’t face the music, who don’t correct the unrighteousness … We’ve forgotten to teach them meat. We feel this is the time as Christians to come together and ask God to forgive us of the sins of our land.”

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