Nigel Farage: Black Lives Matter Is A “Dangerous, Marxist Organization”


Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage shed some much-needed light on the Black Lives Matter Foundation, declaring it to be a “dangerous, Marxist organisation” that is “hell-bent” on overturning society as we know it.

Farage said he was “utterly appalled” by the violence and civil unrest across the United Kingdom over the weekend.

“[T]he tearing down of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol… for the second day in a row, Winston Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square being defaced… a mob around the statue screaming ‘Churchill was a racist’; we saw another assault on the Cenotaph, this time with some yob climbing up there and trying to set fire with a cigarette lighter to the Union Flag — these were just some of the highlights from what happened in the United Kingdom,” he said, according to Breitbart.

Farage also scorned the BBC for portraying the Black Lives Matter as “so peaceful and so wonderful” in spite of its hand in multiple “violent and ugly” protests, with “over 50 Metropolitan Police officers” injured, “some of them seriously.”

“And yet, my argument here isn’t against equality of opportunity,” he explained. “It’s not to say there aren’t still things in society that aren’t perfectly fair — but it is to say this, and to say it very, very clearly: this Black Lives Matter movement is a dangerous, Marxist organisation, hell-bent on anarchy, and we need to wake up, get some facts into our heads, and understand what it is we’re fighting.”

The “main agenda” of the movement, Farage contends, “is the defunding of the police force — that’s right, they want to effectively close down the established police force in the United States of America, and that’s what the key activists in this country want to do as well.”

“They’re aiming at a radical redistribution of wealth, they’re hinting at assets being taken from private companies and put into the hands of workers — I mean, look, this is a little bit like the 1917 Lenin manifesto which saw the communist revolution in Russia,” he went on.

“That’s the kind of thing that we’re dealing with here, and it’s very heavily funded — they’re not short of money,” Farage continued, alleging that “big backers” like George Soros have helped to bankroll the group.

“It’s not about equality of opportunity,” Farage declared. “It’s about an organisation that is Hell-bent on changing society and is prepared to use violence and anarchy to do so.”

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